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Airline Marketing Monthly - February 2019

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The February issue of Airline Marketing Monthly, the only trade magazine worldwide devoted to aviation marketing. This edition includes a special guide to visual social media for airports and airlines, produced in partnership with CrowdRiff.


Airline Marketing Monthly | February 2019 The trailer was geared to drive viewers to the airline’s social media channels to view the full film. However, the reaction of media and viewers was one of confusion: Is this a new Ridley Scott film? What is this about? What are Turkish Airlines selling? What am I supposed to…Ooh, another ad! When you’ve got 30 seconds on the most expensive ad-spot in the world – bracketed by other blockbuster ads, not to mention the game itself – it’s a battle for eyeballs, targeting consumers who have short attention spans who demand instant gratification. You have to nail it in those 30 seconds, not leave the viewer asking questions. Sue Turner Brand Expert “ There’s a fine line between intrigue and lost interest. As a result, social engagement and share was pretty low for a campaign of this scale. The number of You- Tube views for the short film The Journey is 1.3m after four days, which sounds respectable. However, just the first 30 seconds counts as a view, the drop-off rate is huge, and in the world of branded online content, six minutes is the equivalent of reading War and Peace cover to cover. It’s a beautifully made film that showcased Istanbul to new audiences, and it certainly created intrigue, but one has to wonder if it delivered the desired impact, conversation and ROI. Given the budget and the assets they had to work with it could have been much more engaging. Take away the ad spend on the Super Bowl slot and invest it in innovation and user-generated storytelling. Taking a nod from the Netflix show Bandersnatch, what if the opening of the film started with an arrival in Istanbul airport and the viewer could choose from multiple options for the lead character? That opens up both the narrative and city to discover, with different sequences and endings which immerse the viewer. In fact, that has given me an idea if anyone would like to get in touch. A Turkey. Not Turkish Delight. “ A Turkey with a lot of mash: The Bodyguard, Killing Eve, Mission Impossible - the gravy having been gobbled-up by Ridley and the US networks. Feck knows how much this cost to make perceptions and reality are often very let alone the media costs, but I suspect different things and this is alien to me. that Turkish Airlines will be eating the It’s not the Turkey we’ve been hearing sandwiches until the next Super Bowl. about of late, so Mr Scott is doing a bit of terraforming here on behalf of his client. A flimsy ‘storyline’ wrapped around shots of Turkey, the airline services and What would I have done? Nothing. I interiors. wouldn’t work with this client for the reason stated above. Do you think I had fun Yes, it’s beautifully filmed, the ‘bird’ looks watching this? No. great and it’s all very cosmopolitan. But My first impression of the new Turkish Airlines ad “The Journey” was that of mystery and confusion. I could not figure out what the storyline was about, who the characters were, and why one was chasing after the other. So at first, I felt a bit underwhelmed. Marc Weber-Bång However, I ended up watching it again and again to Aviation Consultant try and figure out what this mystery was all about. The more I watched it, the more aware It is also very much on-brand, in the I became of all the details in the video, sense that it incorporates the two elements that the TK brand embodies, and the storyline became less important to me. And I think this is exactly what namely: humour (Think Kobe vs. Messi Ridley Scott and TK wanted to achieve. and the recent Lego safety video) and gastronomy (their restaurant like experience from lounge to landing). Because the storyline, the mystery surrounding it, and the excellent cinematic effects, all provided a powerful stage for From chasing her target on a city bike, to TK to showcase all the typical “boring” the elegant non-aircrafty looking dessert airline ad elements (Business class cabin trolley, the various brand ingredients and service, city sights, TK history and are brilliantly thrown into the mix of their home airport) in a different and mystery. All in all, a well-executed and fresh new way. on-brand ad, which only gets better the more you watch it. Airline Marketing Monthly | February 2019 22. 23.

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