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Airline Marketing Monthly - February 2019

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The February issue of Airline Marketing Monthly, the only trade magazine worldwide devoted to aviation marketing. This edition includes a special guide to visual social media for airports and airlines, produced in partnership with CrowdRiff.

Rival network Star

Rival network Star Alliance celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017. As part of that, the alliance teamed up with National Geographic TV. NatGeo presenter Robert Reid took part in a series of challenges set by Star Alliance founder airlines under the heading ‘Connecting Cultures.’ Airline Marketing Monthly | February 2019 oneworld apps to work together The eye-catching new brand platform aside, the event resulted in an announcement that will be real and meaningful to many travellers - oneworld is moving towards app interoperability. Currently, a frequent traveller will generally have to download and use individual priority lanes. gage, and the locations of lounges and apps for each airline s/he flies on. According to oneworld CEO Rob Gur- For example, in Bangkok, he had to learn to kickbox in a challenge set by Thai Airways. Meanwhile United sent Reid to New Mexico to perform at the ‘Gathering of Nations’ Native American music festival. Airline Marketing Monthly | February 2019 With the functionality being rolled out over the coming year, passengers taking connecting flights on any oneworld alliance partner, will be able to check in, obtain their boarding pass, receive flight info and track their luggage through any oneworld member airline app. ney, half of oneworld frequent flyers “have at least three airline apps on their mobile devices - but there is a strong preference for using just one single app to cover a journey involving a transfer between different airlines. Yet, until today, the technology to supporеt that As a piece of brand storytelling and content, we prefer what Star Alliance did with Robert Reid - as we can see how the concept could be spun off in a number of different ways. However, with the apps working together, oneworld is doing something that will make a practical difference to its most loyal and frequent travellers. In the future, oneworld aims to add full seat selection (where payment is needed), the ability to pay for additional lug- has not been available. It is now, progressively throughout the oneworld network.” The youngest of the three major airline alliances, Skyteam, celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2020. 34. 35.

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