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Airline Marketing Monthly - February 2019

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The February issue of Airline Marketing Monthly, the only trade magazine worldwide devoted to aviation marketing. This edition includes a special guide to visual social media for airports and airlines, produced in partnership with CrowdRiff.


Airline Marketing Monthly | February 2019 For example, just today while writing this, Turkish Airlines announced a sequel to its 2018 safety video featuring the LEGO Movie Characters - the original has so far been viewed over 28 million times.. So with the bar being raised ever higher, it has looked as if Air New Zealand was going to ever greater lengths to prove it was still the King and Queen of the genre. Hence the airline boasted that the last safety video ‘It’s Kiwi Safety’, released in November, was the largest it ever produced, featuring a 600-strong cast. That video takes the form It was also a statement - As the Drum reports, that of a rap and is backed by a while you get your ad agency to dream up safety videos drawn on flights and re- video has now been with- remake of the popular RUN- DMC song It’s Tricky. in between all the other stuff placed with a 2016 safety they do, we will have someone thinking about safety Safety.’ video called ‘Summer of The whole thing looked like it wanted to make a point. videos 24/7. Back off: Safety videos are And we’re not alone wondering what’s happened with ours. Crucially though, the ad alluded to the fact that ‘It’s the airline’s safety videos. The same thought seemed Kiwi Safety’ was not universally well received, and many posted a piece headlined - No less than the NZ Herald to be behind a LinkedIn post that the airline released in viewers found it confusing. “Air NZ’s safety videos stink. early February, advertising Here’s how to fix them.” for a “head of Airline safety As Marco Serusi wrote in videos.” a blog post in November, Though written largely in a when we watched it some joking fashion by the Herald’s senior entertainment It was hard to tell whether the ad was meant as a of the team pointed out that it could easily be a washing powder ad since “there the piece did end with the writer, Karl Puschmann, joke, or whether such a role really exists, but the ad itself seems to be more footage words: “In true showbiz made the point of reminding of washing machines than fashion I’ve saved the best people what a great run of there is of planes, destinations or anything immediate- making them. Please.” Ouch. idea till last. Just, like, stop safety videos the airline has produced. ly associated with an airline.” Is it time to discover the next big thing? Actually we don’t agree that Air New Zealand should stop making them. There is still a role in safety videos airline that buys up a 30 second spot in the most expensive piece of TV ad real estate in the world (the If you have a 600 strong cast for your video, they’ll just throw money at it and bring in 6000. as a piece of airline branding. an Oscar winning director Super Bowl), commissions Air New Zealand has owned the genre, its been around to make a short film and We do however think Air for a while now, everyone then follows all that up with New Zealand should stop else is getting in on the act. a LEGO Movie safety video…..well….you will never trying to compete. So find something else and make it yours. When you have another really compete. In the meantime, the two+ year old ‘Summer of Safety’ video Air New Zealand is running right now probably gets it right. Starring Rachel Hunter, it certainly doesn’t It doesn’t try to be the greatest, or the funniest, or the best, or the one with the biggest cast. You just enjoy it on its own merits as a good piece of content. look cheap. It’s fun, watchable, and works as great destination video. So, over to you Air New Zealand. You revolutionised safety videos. We’re keen to see It does all this, without being over the top. what you come up with next. 46. 47. Airline Marketing Monthly | February 2019

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