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Airline Marketing Monthly - January 2019

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The January issue of AMM, published on 22/1. This includes a special supplement inside the magazine on the mobile traveller, produced in association with Urban Airship.

picture credit Naoise

picture credit Naoise Culhane we mentioned an article in FastCoDesign which talked about “peak logo outrage.” executives including CEO Sean Doyle gave presentations. FastCoDesign pointed out that the main criteria of a logo’s success is whether it is ubiquitous and recognised. “Our collective revulsion over a small change or redesign flies in the face of that truth, and ignores the ultimate context of branding: scale.” For the rebrand Aer Lingus used the agency Lippincott, which has worked for a number of other aviation brands including Avianca, Cathay Pacific, Delta and United. Aer Lingus says that it aims to complete the rebranding project by 2021, far quicker than most projects of this nature. In the meantime, the brand has already been introduced across the app, website, guest check in and boarding gates. The ‘reveal’ took place in at an event in Aer Lingus’ Hangar 6 at Dublin Airport. Around 200 guests - media and VIPs were in attendance while a group of Aer Lingus The event had a slight hint of an Apple launch about it, with the executives walking around on stage with ear pieces in front of a giant curtain, which was then finally pulled back to show an A330 (A330- 300 series aircraft, EI-EDY, St Munchin) in the new livery. That aircraft took to the skies the next day, on 18 January, operating flight EI105, where it was met by a reception in John F. Kennedy International Airport. The new look was also heavily promoted on social media, including a time-lapse film showing the A330 being painted in the new colours. In addition to a new livery, Aer Lingus will be unveiling new uniforms in 2019. The current uniform was designed 20 years ago by Louise Kennedy, who is also behind the new uniform design. 10 Airline Marketing Monthly - January 2019

CARGOLUX KIDS (CARGOLUX) In previous issues, we commended Lufthansa Cargo for the way it embraces marketing tactics that are very b2c like, despite cargo of course being by and large b2b. For example, this past Christmas, Lufthansa Cargo showcased a fun “Cargo Christmas Challenge”, where the airline pitted itself against Santa Claus asking questions such as - who carries the most cargo, Santa or Lufthansa Cargo (needless to say, LH Cargo reckons it does). In its campaigns, Lufthansa Cargo embraces two truths. The first is that cargo is interesting. Just like every passenger journey, every cargo story tells a story - and often a very visual one. The second point, which many b2b brands forget, is that ultimately everyone is a consumer. Even someone sitting behind a desk with spreadsheets and purchase orders has the ability to (and more to the point, wants to) be enthused and inspired. Another cargo operator which seems to be taking the same general approach is Cargolux. In December, the cargo airline launched a “Cargolux Kids” website, explaining that the aim was to “bring the world of Cargolux and airfreight closer to children. Airline Marketing Monthly - January 2019 11

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