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Airline Marketing Monthly - January 2019

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The January issue of AMM, published on 22/1. This includes a special supplement inside the magazine on the mobile traveller, produced in association with Urban Airship.


FIRST PLASTIC FREE FLIGHT (HIFLY) With plastic waste being a hot environmental topic, a number of airlines have made commitments to reduce plastic consumption. For example, in October Air New Zealand said it would reduce its plastic footprint by 260,000 plastic toothbrushes, 3,000 straws, 7.1 million stirrers and 260,000 eye mask wrappers over the next twelve months. At the same time, Delta announced plans to eliminate 12 million plastic stirrers and 170 million plastic straws. Meanwhile, Europe’s second largest airline, Ryanair, said it would be completely plastic free on flights by 2023. Another airline however has a more ambitious target. Portuguese wet lease carrier HiFly has given itself the goal of becoming the world’s first plastic free airline by the end of 2019. In December, the Mirpuri Foundation, a charity founded by HiFly President, Paulo Mirpuri, announced that four of the airline’s A340s would be conducting a ‘plastics free trial.’ The trial commenced with a 26 December flight from Lisbon to Natal in Brazil, which the foundation claims was the first single-use plastic free flight in the world. 14 Airline Marketing Monthly - January 2019

The airline produced a short video showcasing the plastic-free flight, as well as releasing a selection of images on its social media channels and website. This isn’t the first time we have covered HiFly, the airline actually made the cover of our August issue when we ran a feature on special aircraft liveries. This coincided with the airline unveiling a special ‘save the Coral Reef’ livery on its new (or rather ex Singapore Airlines) A380, which it showed off at the 2018 Farnborough Air Show. However, the very fact that HiFly doesn’t sell tickets directly to the travelling public also arguably gives it more leeway and flexibility. With the company’s President having a direct interest in marine conservation, HiFly’s aircraft can be turned into eye catching (and news worthy) ads for the cause. This in turn, puts HiFly in the news, to a far greater extent than other wet lease carriers. For example, you’d be hard pressed to name something that the UK’s Titan Airways, another company in this space, has done. HiFly is an interesting aviation marketing case study. It has a strong and distinctive brand, despite not being a carrier that passengers can directly book flights on - its whole business model depends on airlines ranging from Air Austral to Norwegian using HiFly aircraft and crew on its routes to plug temporary gaps. As a result, you could argue that in a sense brand doesn’t matter, and it could leave its aircraft all white if it wanted - what matters is its aircraft availability and track record. Does it matter? We think it does. It comes back to a point we made in the previous piece on Cargolux - everyone is a consumer and wants to be enthused and inspired. It’s also not always an easy sell for an airline to suddenly tell passengers that the flight that they have booked will be operated by someone else. As a result, it helps if that someone else is a carrier with a reasonable amount of awareness, a good reputation, and with a colourful, impactful brand. An environmentally responsible message won’t go amiss either. Airline Marketing Monthly - January 2019 15

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