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Airline Marketing Monthly - January 2019

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The January issue of AMM, published on 22/1. This includes a special supplement inside the magazine on the mobile traveller, produced in association with Urban Airship.


FLYADEAL CARGO PASSENGER CLASS (flydeal) If you are an LCC, how far will you go to demonstrate that you offer rock bottom fares? If you are Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary, you start talking about charging people to use the WC, or having standing room only (“vertical seating”) places. Or you could come up with a different, but similarly eye-catching idea. For example, how about putting passengers in the cargo hold? In December, Saudi LCC flyadeal suggested exactly that when it started posting graphics and short videos on social media announcing a new innovation, coinciding with the end of its first year of flying - “cargo passenger class.” In the introductory video, the airline’s head of marketing & digital, Piotr Lysak, is shown earnestly explaining that as almost half the cargo capacity is not utilised, they came up with this new idea, complete with graphics showing how airline seats can fit in between the cargo containers. The video then has vox-pops with Saudi passengers saying what a great idea the concept is, before some of the practicalities are explained - for example, the need for special fans to provide ventilation, and the fact that only passengers of only a certain size can claim these seats. 20 Airline Marketing Monthly - January 2019

A micro-site gave further details on the new offer, with explanations such as, “if you’re willing to give up window seats, reading lights and the carpet, you deserve to save on your fare.” The whole idea was of course a joke, and the airline announced that this was indeed the case. As the micro-site now explains, “Cargo Passenger Class was just a prank and you don’t have to go this length for a good deal!” The reveal that the whole thing was a prank was then followed up with a number of other humorous videos. In one, a man is loaded onto the baggage conveyor belt, in another a passenger looks down from his cargo passenger class seat and notices a man making tea on the floor, while in another a passenger has to get a fellow passenger to hold a flashlight, so he can read in the dark. The final message in these short films is that you don’t need to go to these ridiculous lengths to get a great fare when you fly with flyadeal. Airline Marketing Monthly - January 2019 21

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