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Airline Marketing Monthly - January 2019

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The January issue of AMM, published on 22/1. This includes a special supplement inside the magazine on the mobile traveller, produced in association with Urban Airship.

.Suffice the sheer

.Suffice the sheer novelty value of the idea has resulted in the cookbook generating a tonne of press coverage for the airline. This includes USA Today, MSN, Lonely Planet, and the LA Times. Needless to say some of the coverage does include the inevitable jokes about airline food. For example, One Mile at a Time started its headline with “LOL”, describing the book as “the perfect Christmas gift for someone you don’t really like.” Why the idea works However, we like it. It’s a really smart idea, that ticks a few boxes. First of all, it’s different - no airline has done something like this - meaning it is getting news coverage and exposure - it is genuinely something new. Within that news coverage, you will find mentions of the airline’s Polaris business class, mentions of some of the recipes and finally the tie-up with the Trotter Project. As a result, key messages are getting through - even in pieces which take more of a light hearted look at, or even make fun of United’s cookbook. Finally, it’s a tactic that exudes confidence. No, airline food hasn’t had the best reputation over the years (especially among those of us who normally travel in the back of the plane). Hence this is quite a bold move. It makes a statement - ‘we are so proud of the meals we serve in business, that we’re going to sell the recipes so you can make them at home.’ 24 Airline Marketing Monthly - January 2019

Rhapsody in blue remastered When is an ad not an ad, and when does something that is promoted as an ad-free service actually contain hidden commercial content? These are some of the questions asked by Music Business worldwide, in an interesting piece around ‘Rhapsody in Blue’, a song used by United as brand and ad music for 30 years. In the article, the writer Cherie Hu, says that she was served up the United Airlines’ ‘remastered’ version of Rhapsody in Blue, performed by Charlotte dos Santos, in her Spotify release radar. The Charlotte dos Santos version of Rhapsody in Blue, was one of four commissioned by the airline in a social media campaign. The other versions of the song were created by Brooklyn-based Ambessa Orchestra, French electronic artist “Clovis XIV”, and Filipino-American vocalist and producer, Low Leaf. Despite not including a call to action to book flights, Cherie Hu argued that these tracks are effectively a form of native advertising. They include the United brand and logo and the colour scheme (blue and white) in the track art. Hu says, ”my encounter with United’s ‘Rhapsody Remastered’ project on Spotify was arguably a form of algorithmically curated product placement, with concrete and immediate financial benefit for its sponsoring advertiser.” Other airlines that have released content on Spotify include KLM, which following its recent marketing campaign to convince German consumers that it was not a bank, restaurant or radio station, created a track called “We are an airline”, and made it available on the music streaming service. Airline Marketing Monthly - January 2019 25

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