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Airline Marketing Monthly - January 2019

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The January issue of AMM, published on 22/1. This includes a special supplement inside the magazine on the mobile traveller, produced in association with Urban Airship.

• Depending on the

• Depending on the airport, you can scan your passport without dealing with an immigration officer, one example is Munich’s Easy Pass system, now open to EU and select non-EU nationalities on departure as well as arrival • You pass through security (where you do have to deal with staff) • You collect a pre-ordered meal at the airport, having ordered it beforehand via your phone (one example - a number of UK and US airports have partnered with the app Grab) • Got a complaint or a question? Chances are you’ll fire it off the via social media, rather than try and look around for a member of staff • You head for the gate, where you will again deal with a human being who will scan your mobile boarding pass and check your passport. However the chances are that this person will be working for a handling agent such as Swissport, and not the airline direct • Then finally you see the cabin crew attendant at the aircraft door. Not only is it one of the few human interactions you may now have, the chances are it will be the first airline employee you encounter • And of course, once on board the mobile journey continues. Perhaps the airline offers in-flight entertainment via an app. Or maybe you have had the option of pre-booking your meals before you left home What’s the common denominator throughout most of the above process? The traveller’s smartphone of course. The phone is now increasingly the main way in which many (if not most) passengers interact with your brand as an airline, as well as plan out and manage their whole travel path. This loss of the human dimension brings challenges. But it also brings opportunities in terms of improving the passenger experience, customer service, convenience and finally in opportunities to upsell products and services through personalised messaging. In this special guide, sponsored by Urban Airship, on the mobile traveller of today we’ll be looking at some of these issues. About Urban Airship Urban Airship® is trusted by thousands of businesses to drive growth with digital customer engagement. Every day, marketers and developers depend on Urban Airship to deliver billions of personalized, interactive notifications that inspire interest and drive action across all digital channels. Urban Airship is used by many of the world’s most admired companies, including Adidas, Alaska Airlines, The Home Depot, NBCUniversal, Sky Plc and Zillow. 30 The Mobile Traveller, in association with Urban Airship

THE MOBILE INTERNET AND MOBILE TRAVELLER IN 2019 There are hundreds of statistics and facts out there about the growth of the mobile Internet. We’ve pulled out some of the most relevant ones for aviation marketers: • Your passengers are on mobile. You know this already, but it’s worth looking at the scale. In 2017, over three billion people worldwide were connected to mobile Internet services. This is projected to increase to five billion by 2025. • This year, according to Zenith Media, we’ll for the first time spend more time on the Internet than watching TV. Most of that Internet use will be via mobile devices. • Looking at the US in particular, the % of visits from mobile devices grew to 63% in 2017. More significantly perhaps, the mobile bounce rate is decreasing - to 47% from 52% - showing an increased appetite to consume mobile content, without clicking away. • Apps however convert much better than mobile websites. Research by Critero shows that the conversion rate is 5x higher on the app than through The Mobile Traveller, in association with Urban Airship 31

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