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Airline Marketing Monthly - January 2019

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The January issue of AMM, published on 22/1. This includes a special supplement inside the magazine on the mobile traveller, produced in association with Urban Airship.


BEFORE THE FLIGHT Check-In: Check-in reminders can come via notifications across any or all digital channels 24-hours before check-in time: “Good [morning/afternoon/evening] - it’s time to check in for your flight!” passes: Proactively alert passengers to changes to updates by sending a push notification directly from the mobile wallet boarding pass. Time Savers: Whether it’s directing customers to the shortest security lines or alerting them to gate changes, airline apps that send push notifications to help customers save time are always appreciated. Push notifications are the ideal channel to use for “need-to-know” messages — like reminders to check-in, gate changes, alerts about delays, etc. Airline apps should use them wisely to avoid notification fatigue for passengers. Mobile Boarding Pass Delivery: Once a passenger is checking in online or on mobile, they’re also ready to get their boarding pass. Mobile wallet is the perfect channel for mobile boarding passes. Why? • Better customer experience: Don’t make customers dig through mobile email to find their pass: mobile wallet boarding passes can stay visible on a lockscreen until the customer gets on the flight so it’s always at the ready. • Wallet passes update dynamically: A mobile boarding pass that lives in a mobile wallet isn’t static — it can be automatically updated (no user action required) with changes to flight times or gates. • Send notifications directly from wallet Alaska Airlines uses our mobile wallet solution, Reach to power their mobile wallet boarding passes. Those reasons and more are why Alaska Airlines (ranked number one for the 10th consecutive year in the J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey) uses our mobile wallet solution, Reach for mobile wallet boarding passes. (New to mobile wallet and mobile wallet passes? Learn more about them in this FAQ for marketers.) BETWEEN FLIGHTS: THE LAYOVER As customers land and turn off airplane mode, airlines can be there to assist. Wayfinding: As they’re waiting for their next flight, a push notification can help passengers get where they need to go next: 38 The Mobile Traveller, in association with Urban Airship

“Here’s where to go for your next flight…” with a link that takes us to a map, including walking times between terminals. Enhance Customer Experience During Layover: For a longer layover, sending a message to a customer’s in-app message center creates an opportunity to provide a concierge-style experience (maybe even a chance to offer a partner promotion) that might say: • “Need something to eat? Here’s a map of top spots nearby” and link to an in-app airport map with restaurant listings and ratings, or • “Make the most of your layover!” and link to information about the airport in the terminal the passenger is in — or the one they need to go to for their second flight. App Feature Discovery: As passengers are more likely to be active in your app during a trip, now might be a great time to promote app feature discovery with an in-app message. AFTER THE FLIGHT Your passenger has landed at their final destination and they’re ready to roll! Help them get them smoothly on our way: Luggage: A push notification can let customers know where to go to get their bags: “Got luggage? Head to [Carousel #] - it will be there within 15 minutes or we’ll refund your checked bag fee!” Transportation: Ground transportation options can help too: “Need a ride? Here’s a list of options out of [Name of Airport]” Explore & Get Deals: It’s also a great time to send an in-app message to share offers from partners: “Enjoy your time in [destination city]! Here’s a list of deals and things to do from our partners…” With in-app messaging, airlines can deliver contextual in-app messages (like modal pop-ups inside your app) that encourage feature discovery and adoption, as well as app updates as needed. An app inbox (message center) is a fantastic addition to any airline app. Share information about in-flight perks and amenities, partner offers, FYIs on new destinations — similar to content you use in The Mobile Traveller, in association with Urban Airship 39

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