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Airline Marketing Monthly - January 2019

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The January issue of AMM, published on 22/1. This includes a special supplement inside the magazine on the mobile traveller, produced in association with Urban Airship.

your email marketing.

your email marketing. Use a badge (that little red dot next to an app icon) to alert users that there’s new content in the app for them to see. Loyalty Updates: For loyalty members, an in-app or message center message can remind them of the miles they earned or rewards they could cash in — and their mobile wallet loyalty card can update as well. “You just earned [number] points on your mileage plan! Just [number] more to go for gold status.” “You’ve now got [number] points to spend! Click here to browse options” Share Feedback: Collect their thoughts: send a message center message or a rich, interactive push notification with a button pair: “How would you rate your flight experience? [Great/Not So Great].” From there, you can choose where to send the customer for the best next step — gathering more information, connecting them with a representative, or asking if they want to rate your app. PLANNING THE NEXT ADVENTURE As passengers plan their next trip, they’re open to airlines sharing inspiring ideas. In fact, more than 50% of travelers don’t have a set destination in mind when planning a trip — and 60% will search their next trip from a mobile device. Inspire: Consider sending an in-app message or rich notification when flights to cities a passenger has visited before go on sale — including rich text images of the destination, or partner offers/packages. “Thinking of everything you missed on your last trip to [XX]? See our low fares…” Provide Perks: Offer a frequent flyer mobile wallet pass so your customers’ upto-the-minute point status is always just a tap away. Send notifications from the loyalty pass about new offers or point-earning opportunities. “Earn double miles next month - learn how!” or “Use your status to fly standby for free.” Make Magical Mobile Moments During Day of Travel & Beyond Customer experience is everything. The more ways airlines can create in-themoment mobile experiences that meet travelers’ needs, build better and deeper customer relationships — and grow goodwill, loyalty and value for their business. Our experts have helped some of the world’s leading airlines craft a customer experience on mobile that’s an extension of their brand, and that helps earn and keep customer loyalty. Let’s work together to identify the moments that matter most to your customers, and bring together the data and technology you need to deliver a stellar experience on mobile. Contact us and let’s get started. 40 The Mobile Traveller, in association with Urban Airship

HOW CAN AIRPORTS REACH PASSENGERS DIGITALLY ON THE DIGITAL DAY OF TRAVEL? In the previous article, Urban Airship’s Alyssa Meritt looked at how airlines can use personalised mobile messaging to enhance the customer experience. The same is of course also true of airports. Earlier we mentioned that by 2021 a quarter of airports (25%) globally intend to offer flight status notifications via mobile devices. But a flight notification is just one of the ways airports can interact with passengers - and more to the point it’s not a feature unique to airports, airlines increasingly do it. tion and over the Summer of 2018, it actually removed its iOS and Android apps, citing “a change in usage” (The Australian Business Traveller) from when the iOS app was first launched in 2011. In other words, people have been downloading and using it less. Instead, Sydney Airport said that it would focus on both its mobile optimised website, and by working through airline apps. Meanwhile notifications can be received via Twitter by tweeting your flight number to @flySYD. In this piece, we’ve looked at some of the opportunities for airport operators to reach passengers on the digital day of travel, in particular with a view to increasing sales. To app or not? The first question of course is what channels should you use to target passengers. Passengers have a direct incentive to download an airline app, as it’s a way to check in and then receive your boarding pass to your mobile wallet. But what about airports? Should you have one, or should you use other mobile-friendly channels. Sydney Airport faced exactly this ques- The Mobile Traveller, in association with Urban Airship 41

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