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Airline Marketing Monthly - January 2019

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The January issue of AMM, published on 22/1. This includes a special supplement inside the magazine on the mobile traveller, produced in association with Urban Airship.

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picture credit Frank Grealish Was the old design too Irish? Finally, the overall colour scheme also incorporates (blue / green) teal, making Aer Lingus one of the almost one third of airlines worldwide which use some form of blue in their branding. What was wrong with the design, other than being 20+ years old? It very clearly communicated Ireland, but perhaps too much given the direction Aer Lingus is trying to move in. At the launch event, Aer Lingus representatives talked about the fact that in focus groups the finding was that the old brand gave people the impression that “it would get you to Ireland but wouldn’t get you to New York.” So, a cleaner look seen to still incorporate distinctive Irishness (via the Shamrock), but also to appear modern and international, was adopted. And getting you to New York (and other destinations in North America), and more to the point getting North Americans to Europe is what Aer Lingus has in mind. As part this strategy, Aer Lingus is planning to increase its North Atlantic fleet from 17 to 30 aircraft by 2023. That includes growing its A330 fleet to 16 aircraft (from 13 in 2017) and invest in 14 new A321LRs to provide capacity for growth across the Atlantic and within Europe. 8 Airline Marketing Monthly - January 2019

aircraft (from 13 in 2017) and invest in 14 new A321LRs to provide capacity for growth across the Atlantic and within Europe. opposed to an LCC - with LCCs tending to use louder colour schemes (think of the easyJet orange, the WOW Air purple and the Air Asia red). Ireland is a country on the European side of the Atlantic and so it is well positioned as a gateway to Europe. But so are Portugal and Iceland, and in both cases airlines are also making a play for a larger share of the North America to Europe market. WOW Air and Icelandair’s campaigns are of course well known, both lead on low prices (especially WOW Air, as an LCC), and both promote Iceland as a stopover destination between North America and Europe. However, TAP Portugal is also trying to get a larger slice of the pie. Last Autumn, the airline ran a NYC focused ad campaign (which we covered in our November issue), which in turn follows TAP Portugal having doubled passenger traffic from the US since 2017. So why should an American or Canadian traveller choose to fly via Dublin and not Lisbon or Keflavik? First of all, Aer Lingus talks about its four star Skytrax rating a lot - showing that it offers a quality product. Indeed Aer Lingus specifically emphasised the fact that the new design positions the airline as a “value” carrier as Then the addition of the A321LR aircraft opens up more destinations, including some that would have in previous years been considered secondary ones. For example at Dublin Airport, Aer Lingus is currently heavily promoting the fact that they are flying to and from Hartford, Connecticut. Finally, Dublin Airport is one of the few places where you can clear US customs & immigration before you get to the US, allowing you to skip US immigration queues when you land - a big bonus after a ten hour flight. Rebrands (and not only in aviation) generally provoke mixed feelings, you will never find that everyone loves it, and this is no exception. However, on balance on social media most of the comments seem to be in favour of the new look. And controversy / strong opinions aren’t necessarily a bad thing anyway. On that it’s worth looking back to our coverage of the far more controversial Lufthansa rebrand a year ago (which saw blue become the primary LH colour over yellow). In our piece (see our Feb 2017 edition) Airline Marketing Monthly - January 2019 9

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