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2020 IFA International - Day 1 Edition

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I EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW IMajor new offeringsfrom Haier GroupBuilt-in, premium, intuitive… and increasinglydigital – a whole lot to discover at IFAThe Haier Group is present at this year’s IFA with a numberof big product announcements. We asked European CEOYannick Fierling what’s at the heart of their offering.IFA is a unique opportunity forHaier to present the best of ourcutting-edge technologies andinnovation. This is even truer giventhe unprecedented times we’ve allbeen living in. We’ve never stoppeddesigning and creating to delightour consumers with our productsand brands, with absolute previewsbeing showcased here in Berlin.The launch of an entirely new builtinoffer for Haier with a series ofnew features for the refrigerationand wine coolers range, is aimedto bring the brand’s premiumness,high quality and sophisticateddesign to the kitchen, with artificialintelligence at the core of thisproposition.Yannick FierlingEuropean CEO,Haier GroupCandy follows its path to smartnesswith a new and intuitive washingWE’RE GLADTO BE HEREAND SUPPORTTHIS YEAR’SEDITION OF IFAWHICH WILLDEFINITELY BEMEMORABLEmachine, NOVA, fully developedthanks to consumers’ habits anddelivered to simplify everyday lifewith smart functions and a typicalItalian style.As per Hoover, we are pleasedto introduce here at IFA the first“3in1” well-being ecosystem,interconnected into Hoover rangesand designed for a healthier homeliving.What about the integration of Haierand Candy?After 18 months, the process isalmost complete and it is alreadybringing important results, as we’rethe fastest growing company inEurope. Undoubtedly, the integrationhas been a great success with thedeployment of the multi-brandstrategy, the setup of a cross-sellingprocess and the focus on IOT andconnectivity to empower userexperience. In this regard, we’rehappy to launch here hOn, a singleand centralised digital platform ableto control and manage appliancesof all our brands. Several challengesand opportunities are still aheadof us and we’re confident we havethe right people and culture toaddress them: the entrepreneurialspirit which is at the core of thecompany’s culture allows us tobe close to the markets, businesspartners and consumers, pursuingHaier’s goal of “Zero Distance withthe Consumer” and our vision tobecome first consumer choice insmart home in Europe and amongthe top 3 leaders by 2023.How is the “Haier Smart Home”project evolving?We are proceeding at a fast pacein the implementation of thisproject, that represents one of thefundamental pillars of our strategy.HAIER OPENS“AI-POWERED”FACTORY INQINGDAOLast year, jointly with ChinaMobile and Huawei, Haierinaugurated the first AI+5Ginterconnection factoryin Qingdao, to seize theopportunity for creating aworld-class Internet ecologicalbrand.The company also openedin Russia the first real-timemanufacturing facility aimingto produce tailor-made laundryappliances connecting thecustomer with the factorythroughout the wholemanufacturing process.The model leverages IoT andAI applications, generatingefficiency, manufacturingsavings and granting asustainable competitiveadvantage.The same approach is beingadopted to our upcomingnew factories in Turkeyand Romania, which will bemanufacturing respectivelydryers and refrigerators“Haier Smart Home” reflects notonly our company and brandpositioning but, most importantly,our philosophy: it’s about a changein paradigm, from a product, aconcept to a seamless scenarioexperience. We’ve transformedfrom a traditional manufacturingcompany into a co-creation andwin-win IoT community ecosystem.What are your thoughts aboutIFA’s decision to create a “real”show this year, despite all thedifficulties involved?We appreciate the efforts by theorganisation to pull together allrelevant stakeholders despitethe unprecedented times andunfavourable conditions. This reallygives a sense of optimism andforward-looking spirit, which is at thecore of our industry and business.We’re glad to be here and supportthis year’s edition of IFA which willdefinitely be memorable!IFA GLOBAL PRESSCONFERENCEHaier Press ConferenceTODAY 15:00 - 15:45Conference Room 4 212 IFA INTERNATIONAL • THURSDAY 3 RD SEPTEMBER

ADVERTORIALI PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT IInnovation in floor cleaningBISSELL showcases innovative Wet & Dry floorcleaning solutions at IFA 2020, underlining Europeanmarket leadership in Wet & Wash categoryBISSELL, number 1 Brand in Floor CareAppliances in the USA, are showcasingtwo exceptional product innovations atthe IFA Global Press Conference 2020.Highlight #1: BISSELL expands its award-winning3-in-1 CrossWave assortment with a design wet& wash device in the premium price segment:The BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max vacuums,mops and dries up to 100 square metres of hardflooring and area rugs in one go, with the freedomof cordless and with an undiminished batterypower for up to 30 minutes. For improved results,the next generation of CrossWave Cordless hasa XL multi-surface brush roll and offers improvededge reach.According to GFK market data, BISSELL inGermany today heads the fast-growing categoryof Wet & Wash floor cleaners with a market shareof 58% and also takes the lead in other Europeanmarkets in this segment.Apart from Wet & Dry, the home cleaning expertsare also expanding their range of vacuum cleaners,by completing the stick vacuum portfolio withBISSELL MultiReach Active 21V. The devicereplies to the consumer request for an affordablemotor-in-hand cordless stick and is available asMultiReach Active Pet 21V especially designed forhouseholds with pets. The stick vacuum cleanerstands out due to a unique motorized tangle-freebrush-roll with no hair wrap and a manoeuvrable2-in-1 stick, which can easily be transformed to ahand held cleaner. With the Easy Empty dirt tankand Clean Slide Technology a cleaner dust binemptying experience is promised.KEY SELLINGPOINTSBISSELLCROSSWAVECORDLESS MAXPowerful cordless3-in-1 multi-surfacefloor cleaning device;vacuums, mops anddries up to 100m² inone goSuitable for sealedhard floors includingtile, sealed woodfloors, laminate,linoleum, rubberfloor mats andeven freshensarea rugsDual Tanktechnology:Fresh and wastewater tankseparate, easy toremove and refillHighlight #2: BISSELL introduces the activelymopping or powerfully vacuuming SpinWaveRobot. With their first wet & dry robotic cleaner withrotating soft-pads, the floor care specialist definesnew standards in the wet & dry-segment beyondthe CrossWave product family. With SpinWave RobotBISSELL expands its portfolio in Wet & Dry to apreviously unseen product range in the market.BISSELL retailers capitalise on an internationallytopselling brand with strong growth ambition inEurope’s most fought for SDA market segment.INNOVATING THE HOME CLEANINGROUTINE FOR OVER 140 YEARSWith this year's presence at the IFA Special Edition,BISSELL once again underlines its expandingmarket position in Europe. Since entering theinternational market only a few years ago, BISSELLis experiencing significant market growth. For over140 years, it is BISSELL’s mission to make cleaningeasy and effortless with smart floor care solutionsfor every need, delivering truly clean floors. In its4 th family generation, BISSELL’s passion for floorcare has redefined the concept of clean with arange of innovative products such as wet & drycleaners, hard floor cleaners, vacuums, and carpetdeep cleaners, along with a full line of cleaningsolutionsIFA GLOBAL PRESSCONFERENCEHall 1.2 / Stand 212KEY SELLING POINTSBISSELL SPINWAVEROBOT2-in-1 wet and dry robot withinterchangeable dirt and wet tanksEffective wet cleaning by 2 spinningsoft pads, also suitable for sensitivefloorsSystematic and smart navigation“EVERY PURCHASE SAVES PETS”– THE BISSELL PET FOUNDATIONThe BISSELL Pet Foundation is a charitablenon-profit organisation with a mission to helpreduce the number of animals in sheltersand to support organisations dedicatedto the humane care and treatment ofanimals through pet adoption, spay/neuterprograms, microchipping and foster care.Founded in 2011 by Cathy Bissell, BISSELLPet Foundation is an extension of her longstandinglove for animals and commitment totheir welfare. The foundation has partneredwith more than 2,000 shelters and rescuesin every state in the US and is nowadaysexpanding activities in partnership with localpet foundations in main European markets.In 2018 alone BISSELL donated more thanUSm to support the life-saving work of thefoundationIIFA INTERNATIONAL • THURSDAY 3 RD SEPTEMBER 2020 13

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