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2020 IFA International - Day 1 Edition

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I NEWS IADVERTORIALMeet the new WT1 modelsRevealed at IFA: New washer-dryers from Miele are faster andmore convenient than ever beforeFans of washer-dryers don’t justvalue their multi-talented appliancesbecause of the space they save – theyalso appreciate the convenience andthe time-savings, such as the fact thatthere’s no need to reload and start adifferent appliance once the washcycle has finished. But Miele's new WT1generation takes it one step further.Depending on the model, up to nine kilogramsof laundry can be washed and six kilogramscan be washed and dried in one go – ideal forfamilies and anywhere handling large volumesof laundry.WASH AND DRY INDIVIDUAL ITEMSIN UNDER AN HOURMiele has introduced a new function that enablesindividual items to be washed and dried efficiently.If consumers want to wear their favourite items ofclothing again without having to wait ages, heretoo, Miele offers a quick and convenient solution:depending on the programme, the new "SingleWash&Dry" option allows even individual itemsof laundry to be washed and dried quickly and inan environmentally friendly manner. Combinedwith the “Shirts”, “Delicates” or “Minimum iron”programmes, the garment is ready to wear againin less than an hour – and there’s no need to waituntil one has a pile of laundry or to feel guiltyabout the environmental impact.SMART AIDS FOR OPTIMUM TIMEAND HYGIENE MANAGEMENTTo find out when the garment is done, the usercan simply take a look at the Miele app. Or foreven more convenience, they can simply askAmazon Alexa. All new washer-dryers are nownetwork-enabled as a standard feature. Furthersmart highlights are already available or willfollow this year:Even after the programme has started, AddLoadallows items to be placed in the washer-dryeror taken out again right up to the end of thewash process, simply by using the regulardoor. AddLoad can be controlled either at theappliance or via the Miele app.The CareAssistant enables the Anti-creasesettings to be extended – a useful feature if oneis delayed getting home and cannot empty themachine straight away. Instead of running thestandard settings of 30 minutes for washingor 150 minutes for drying, Anti-crease can beset in 30-minute intervals up to a maximum of240 minutes instead. With crease protection,the drum continues to move in a certain rhythmafter completion of the actual programme toprevent creasing.If the programme is taking much longer thaninitially announced, the TimeAssistant passesthis information on to the user. Particularly whendrying, the actual running time is often difficultto predict.The HygieneAssistant notifies the user whenmachine cleaning is recommended. If theywish, users can start the cleaning programmestraight away directly from the app. In addition,the hygiene status can be called up in the appat any time.Naturally, the new models also come equippedwith proven features such as the quick andeco-friendly PowerWash technique along withthe QuickPower Wash&Dry programme, whichenables four kilograms of laundry to be washedand dried in under three hours. Similarly, there isalso the unique TwinDos automatic dispensingfunction which uses up to 30% less detergent thanmanual dispensing. Sales are due to commencein certain countries from OctoberIFA GLOBAL PRESSCONFERENCEHall 1.2, 3.2, 4.2Miele Press Conference : Friday 4 Sept. 9:45 amConference Room 3 2MIELE YETAGAIN TAKESA BIG STEPFORWARDAT IFAGernot Trettenbrein, Directorof Miele's Domestic AppliancesInternational business unit, saysthe German manufacturer's newwasher-dryers are faster, moreconvenient and even smarter thanever:"The new models come equipped with smartnetworking features for maximum comfort and besttime management.""With this appliance, Miele is convincinglyresponding to the wish of many customers for asmuch capacity as possible also on the washerdryer"4 IFA INTERNATIONAL • THURSDAY 3 RD SEPTEMBER

I NEWS IVoice assistant technologycomes of ageSHIFT Mobilitymeets IFA NEXT –Innovations ahead!As part of the IFA 2020 Special Edition, theexhibitors at “SHIFT Mobility meets IFANEXT” will be presenting forward-lookinginnovations from mobility, consumer andhome electronicsThis year's IFA 2020Special Edition offersan impression of thecreativity and visionaryspirit of the tech industry.SHIFT Mobility presents highrankingexperts with insightsof the future, including MichaelLohscheller (CEO Opel),François Bausch (Ministerof Transport Luxembourg),shared mobilityexpert Sandra Phillips(founder and CEOMovmi), JamesEhrlich (StanfordUniversity / developerReGen Villages)and Renzo Vitale(Creative DirectorSound Design BMWGroup)."At IFA NEXT, innovationtraditionally meets inspiration.This unique combinationcreates clear added value for allthose who want to know at anearly stage which new productswill be highly relevant for theindustry," says Dirk Koslowski,Director of IFA.The range of topics ofexhibitors at IFA NEXT coversall areas of consumers' life fromSmart Home, Audio, Finance,Gardening and Logistics toHealth and Wellness. Somestartups are focused onoptimizing the individual userexperience, like: Aqua-ScopeTechnologies, AugmentedRobotics UG, Berlin GreenUG, deep electronics GmbH,Easyship, Fauna Audio GmbH,Focalcrest, Leedarson, LevelUp, Shiftcam, Makakaontherun,Mercku, Mystery Vibes,IFA 2019 - IFA NEXT -Shenzhen TimekettleTechnologies, TechnischeUniversität Berlin, The little cat,VISSEIRO GmbH, voxasoundGmbH, XeelTech GmbHSHIFT MOBILITY meetsIFA NEXTHall A, CityCubeToday, 10:00 am - 18:10pm©Messe Berlin GmbHSmart speakers continueto capture the hearts andwallets of consumers, drivingdemand for wireless speakersand establishing a wideracceptance of voice assistants.According to Jack Wetherill,Principal Analyst: Home Electronics,Futuresource Consulting, by the endof 2019, 21 million smart speakerswere in use in Western Europeanhomes, on track to exceed 32 millionby the end of this year according toFuturesource forecasts.Although a broad range of brandscompete for attention, Google andAmazon branded speakers stillaccount for almost 80% of the smartspeaker market in Europe. This ismainly due to product subsidystrategies from the market leaders,which are geared towards gettingthe products in homes and learningabout consumer activities, lifestylechoices and shopping habits. In Q12020, Google and Amazon offeringswere retailing at an ASP of €52,compared with €213 from the likesof Apple, JBL, Sonos and Sony.Recent consumer research carriedout by Futuresource reveals that70% of smart speaker ownersmainly use their devices to listen tomusic, and 58% say they would likebetter sound quality. It is unclearwhether this will translate into anuptick in spend, but all eyes will beon IFA to see what innovations willbe unveiled this yearADVERTORIALWessel-Werk launchesinnovative battery-poweredconcept for vacuumingWessel-Werk's new EBK 250electro brush is a powerful add-onfor battery-powered stick cleaners.It offers consistently excellentcleaning performance on carpetand hard floor and can be adaptedto the surface by its replaceablebrush roller. During cleaning, LEDlighting makes dirt visible evenin poorly illuminated areas. As aspecial, the electro brush has anintegrated cleaning tool. In addition,EBK 250 can also be used with lineoperatedvacuum cleaners, enabledby an innovative vacuum cleanertube with a powerful battery pack.KEY SELLING POINTSExcellent cleaning performanceon carpet and hard floorsNew illumination conceptCombinable with power tube withexcellent long run timeJack WetherillFuturesource"With this overall concept of electrobrush and power tube, we havecreated an unique system and setnew standards in floor cleaning.Hence we offer herewith the wayfor new innovative products",says Wolfgang Geurden, Directorof Marketing and Sales, Wessel-WerkIFA GLOBALPRESS CONFERENCEHall 1.2 / Stand 202IIFA INTERNATIONAL • THURSDAY 3 RD SEPTEMBER 2020 5

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