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2020 IFA International - Day 1 Edition

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I TRADE TALK IGlobal Fairs TT-Messe:Sustainability ismore importantthan everJanNintemannGlobal Fairs TT-MesseThis year's IFA is very different for everyone, none the least for regularIFA partners, Global Fairs TT-Messe, organisers of the annual "ResellerPark" and sustainability conference. We asked Managing Director, JanNintemann, what he's doing that's different.Due to the Coronavirus regulations, anevent with crowds - otherwise a guaranteefor a successful trade fair - is not possibleat this IFA 2020 special edition. I thereforefind it extremely commendable and worthyof imitation that Messe Berlin, together withgfu, is doing real pioneering work here."Coronavirus fairs" will probably be aroundfor a whole year or until a vaccine is finallyavailable, but in economic terms, we cannotafford to completely do without physicalmarketplaces, which represent the platformand the decisive impulses for our futurebusiness or our business and actions forsuch a long time.The pandemic is changing the world sorapidly that we should and must use thetime now to face the challenges and issuesof the post-corona period and prepare forthem. So we tried to bring the contentrelatedaspects of economy and societyand the resulting influence to the fore byimplementing a continuation of the "StudioSustainability Conference on the sidelinesof the IFA", so to speak, as a 2nd edition.In turn, it is about climate change and theresulting requirements in the tech industries- a necessity that applies to all industries.Under the motto: "Sustainability throughdigitisation", we are contrasting climatechange with digital topics that are, to a certainextent, suitable for reducing CO2 emissions- using SmartHome, SmartBuilding andSmartCity. This is because the world ofbuildings leaves an even bigger CO2 printthan the entire world of cars, where a lot haschanged in the past 5 years. At this specialIFA we are therefore realising the conferencealongside a thematically coordinated smallexhibition area in the entrance area of ​theCityCubeCityCube Level ZE1Sustainability Conference3-4 Sept, 10:00-17:00CityCube, Level 3, Room 38 IFA INTERNATIONAL • THURSDAY 3 RD SEPTEMBER

I EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW ICristiano AmonPresident, Qualcommat IFA Keynote 2019Another year,but not JUST another keynoteQualcomm's IFA 2020 presentation highlights the role oftechnology in a Covid-19 worldQualcomm President Cristiano Amon is again addressing anIFA keynote this year. But much has happened since the lastedition. We asked him to give us a foretaste of what we’ll seethis time.We want to emphasise the key roletechnology and innovation play inour lives today – especially duringthese unprecedented times. In just afew months, everyone has come tosee the importance of connectivityin their daily lives, and in doing sovalidated many of the future usecases of 5G and other emergingtechnologies. Mobile technologies,led by 5G and AI, are powering newdevices, delivering more immersiveexperiences and connectingeverything to the cloud. Combined,this will enable new capabilitiesthat will drive growth and makefor a more resilient economy andsociety. Qualcomm is proud to beworking with the broader ecosystemas it answers this important call toinnovate to address current needsand future opportunities.Just where are we up to with the rolloutof 5G?Since 5G launched last year, thereare 80 commercial 5G networks in 40countries around the globe, with over300 more investing in the technology.Millions of people are already using5G phones. We expect more than1 billion 5G connections by 2023 –reaching that milestone two yearsfaster than 4G.There are hundreds of productslaunched or in development using ourtechnology based on Qualcomm’sportfolio of 5G solutions.5G is also gaining momentum beyondsmartphones. It’s rapidly expandingworldwide and permeating newsegments and industries, such asthe PC and enterprise, healthcare,factories and more.What are you personally mostexcited about when it comes to 5G?I am excited that Qualcomm ishelping deliver the technologiesdriving the future of the internet.The opportunity will be significantfor nearly every sector once 5G isbroadly deployed. According to theupdated 5G economy report fromIHS Markit, advancementsin the enterprise, extendedreality (XR), artificialintelligence (AI), the IndustrialInternet of things (IIoT), and more areon the horizon. The innovations 5Genables in these fields will not onlyenrich our lives, but also significantlyMANY PEOPLETOLD US ITWOULD NOT BEPOSSIBLE TOUSE MMWAVEFOR MOBILE. WEPROVED THEMWRONG.boost our global economy. IHSMarkit estimates that 5G will enableUS.2tn (€11.09tn) in global salesenablement by 2035. Additionally,the global 5G value chain is expectedto generate US.6tn (€3.02tn) ineconomic output by 2035, whilesupporting 22.3 million jobs.I’m also excited about the possibilitiesthat 5G opens up, particularly in theareas of entertainment – I will bemaking a very exciting announcementduring my speech at IFA.The deployment of mmWave formobile broadband is another excitingdevelopment. Many people told us itwould not be possible to use mmWavefor mobile. We proved them wrong.We’re talking about spectrum bandsabove 24 GHz. Spectrum is abundantat these high frequencies and cansupport extreme data speeds andcapacity that will reshape the mobileexperience. These bands are highlycomplex, but Qualcomm solvedthose problems and right now, 120operators are working on rollingout mmWave to deliver amazingnew experiences. 5G really has thepotential to positively affect all ofus, across the full cross-section ofsocietyTHE CROISETTE IN CANNES,IFA GLOBAL INCLUDING PRESS THE GRANDCONFERENCEHOTEL - SOON TO BE AQualcomm MONDRIAN Virtual PROPERTYOpening KeynoteToday 10:00 - 11:00Conference Room 3 2IIFA INTERNATIONAL • THURSDAY 3 RD SEPTEMBER 2020 9

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