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DAY 1 Edition - IFA International 2017

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TRADE TALK BROUGHT TO YOU BY Expert International was founded in 1967 by purchasing associations from Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Today the organisation operates in 21 countries, across 4,000 different locations. Dieter Mathys, Expert International’s Managing Director, says that while the company has come a long way, management is still committed to growing the business further. Topics such as digitisation and connectivity are right at the top of our agenda. And we’re going to put all our efforts into transforming the point of sale into a full experience for the customer – as ultimately, the human is the focus: “Humanity will beat technology!” Dieter Mathys Managing Director, Expert International Expert International: 50 Years of Successful Business in 2017 How has business been for the group over the past year, and what have the highlights been (i.e. into new territories etc etc)? The current figures speak for themselves: with recent growth into Sweden, expert International is now doing business in 4,000 different locations in 21 member countries. Revenues total €13.5 billion, making expert International the third largest electronics retailer in Europe. In the last four years alone our revenue has risen by 68%. This is a result that we can all be really proud of. But, of course, the company can’t sit back and rely on past success. In June you had a huge celebration in Athens for the group’s 50th anniversary. Please tell us more… Some 180 experts from all 21 member countries, as well as 60 representatives from the most important suppliers, accepted the invitation to attend expert International’s big anniversary event. But it wasn’t all partying in Athens: as part of the business conference, expert International chairman Ciaran O’Reilly and I provided an insight into the successful development of the business over the last 50 years. What are the biggest challenges today? The biggest challenge that we face is how to build up a profitable multichannel business model THE CRITICAL EYE – AND COMMENTS OF THE MEDIA AT IFA Each day in IFA International, we bring you feedback from media at the show, helping buyers and manufacturers get a better understanding of how they work at IFA. Dragan Petric Mobile Devices Expert Group Manager, EISA Executive Editor, Bug magazine THE BUG FOCUSES ON VR AND AR Dragan Petric is Mobile Devices Expert Group Manager at EISA and Executive Editor at Bug magazine, the most influential and most circulated consumer electronics magazine in Croatia. We asked Dragan what, for him, is the most important trend to follow this year at IFA. What happened to TV screens few years ago is happening now to smaller screens – mainly the ones we have on our smartphones. They are going 4K, baseless and bigger and are redefining video consumption experience all over again. Virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence are adding completely new user cases to mobile devices and this is what I’ll be focusing greatly at this addition of IFA. How important is IFA for you in tracking trends? Being held right after summer holidays and only couple of months before Christmas shopping season, IFA shows us which technology innovations will market follow, which startup ideas will catch the wave and who will be having the products that will be able to rattle buyer’s cages to make them passionate about buying new tech. You can’t miss the right trends if you are attending IFA. What advice could you give to a “first timer” coming to the show? Don’t be picky about the location and looks of your accommodation – spending your time anywhere but outside while you are in Berlin would be unforgivable! This is the most exciting, most diverse and most interesting European capital – when you are done with the show floor, go and have fun in this beautiful city IFA International • Friday 1 st September 2017 35

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