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DAY 1 Edition - IFA International 2017

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ADVERTORIAL STAND OF THE DAY SIEMENS HALL 1.1 / STAND 101 Welcome to the Siemens Concept Mall 1 2 3 4 OLAF NEDORN Head of Marketing and Communications, Siemens Home Appliances “The Siemens concept mall explores the seamless lifestyle in a connected way across a range of exciting scenarios. In previous years, we have focused more on our products, but this year the emphasis is on the ecosystem that people enter when they join the connected world. One pioneering element of our new-look stand is a Tesla car that can ‘steer’ home appliances from remote locations. The Tesla is an innovative premium brand that fits well with Siemen’s vision of how the seamless lifestyle works.” 1 SIEMENS CONCEPT MALL, EXPERIENCE THE BENEFITS OF A SEAMLESS LIFE! In different living environments, Siemens presents fascinating solutions for a lifestyle in which everything works exactly the way you want. Digital networking, smart technologies and modern design cooperate seamlessly for more flexibility and freedom. Discover the options available to you through a home networked with Home Connect and learn how they can assist you in designing your everyday life. 2 CONNECTED WORLD Simple, flexible, fascinating – networked home appliances, smart Home Connect technology and a digital ecosystem of services all working together opens up limitless possibilities. In Siemens Concept Mall, you’ll discover solutions for a seamless life that create clear added value and make life easier. 3 DESIGN GALLERY Avantgarde – design meets innovation. The new washers and dryers in the Avantgarde series combine networking, smart technologies and a modern design and are prime examples of a seamless life. You’ll be thrilled by Siemens visionary Design Gallery with its fascinating film animation and minimalist presentations of the avant-garde in laundry appliances. 4 SKYLINE BAR Cool drinks, modern design, smart technology. In the urban Lifestyle Bar Siemens presents innovations in the refrigeration area. Built-in and free-standing refrigerators, side-by-side solutions, networked control including a camera in the refrigerator, innovative food freshness systems and a mix of modern materials. Enjoy cool innovations from Siemens with a refreshing fruitjuice cocktail from Munich’s famous Schumann’s Bar. 60

© Thomas Keller HOSPITALITY / RESTAURANTS / BARS WHERE TO GO IN Berlin CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE Belonging in Berlin There is good reason why Berlin today vies with Paris and London as the most visited city in Europe. In the 20-odd years since the city was reunified, it has blossomed to become one of the most cosmopolitan and colourful cities in Europe, famous as much for its 24/7 nightclub scene as its fascinating historical sites and numerous operas, orchestras and places of high culture. But that’s not all. The Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, tells IFA international how the oncedivided German capital lures visitors because it makes them feel like they belong. He adds that IFA attendees have much to discover in Berlin. Michael Müller Mayor of Berlin The German capital lures with its cultural wealth, its museums, theatres, the historical memorials and memorial sites. But it is also the free and cosmopolitan atmosphere in our city that makes our guests feel so comfortable. Tourists say often: “We feel at home in Berlin.” That is a nice compliment because it says that you do not feel strange as a guest, but feel a strong sense of belonging. How should visitors discover Berlin, and are there any particular districts that you recommend? Everyone should be left to discover Berlin on their terms according to his or her own fate. I would suggest a mix of Berlin by day and by night. Berlin is made up of many cities and every resident swears by their own Kiez, or neighbourhood. In this respect, I feel particularly comfortable myself in Tempelhof. But as the city mayor I know no neighbourhoods, only my Berlin. TOURISTS SAY OFTEN: “WE FEEL AT HOME IN BERLIN.” Are there any exhibitions or events happening in Berlin this summer that you particularly recommend? On the jubilee anniversary of the Reformation, we recommend two great Martin Luther Exhibitions in the Martin-Gropius-Bau and in German Historical museum. And those who want to take a look beyond the city limits could check out the new Barberini art museum in Potsdam (located in the Old Market Square of the historic city south of Berlin). IFA International • Friday 1 st September 2017 61

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