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Day 1 - IFA International

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NEWS Gaining Respect…

NEWS Gaining Respect… And Market Share DaWan Huang Vice General Manager, Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd. With 25 years background in the Changhong group, and after recent work in charge of the company’s compressor business unit in Spain (at which he tripled turnover in four years), DaWan Huang was appointed Vice General Manager of Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd. at the end of 2014. We asked him what he sees as being his biggest challenge in this position… The new challenge to me will be to make a new, clear globalisation strategy and build the new structure of international businesses, as the mission of Changhong is to be a highly respected manufacturer in the world market. SO FAR IN 2016, SALES HAVE INCREASED 163% Globally, how are sales progressing and what are your ambitions for sales in Europe, and which are the main territories you are targeting? For the past few years, Changhong Europe’s business has developed very well, and Europe is one of the most important territories for us, which is why we have established group factories on the continent – one in the Czech Republic and one in Barcelona. In fact, more than 35% of our overseas business comes from Europe. We of course not only want to sell in European countries, but also to invest here in R&D and manufacturing bases. It is important for us to develop products that will specifically satisfy European customers, but it’s especially important to develop R&D in Europe, as the level of technology here is already very high, and the engineering talent and skills here are excellent. We already have two R&D centres here but want to found a new one in the near future. So far in 2016, sales have increased 163%. Sales have extended more new territories, such as Hungary and Romania, and our main territories are Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic and Spain. Changhong is one of the most powerful companies hailing from China. What is your strategy to increase Changhong brand awareness and sales in Europe particularly when it comes to the retail? Changhong has done a lot of brand promotion in the past few years in Europe. For example, advertising in France and the Czech Republic. Some countries sponsored the local communities. Moreover, Changhong keep participating in global exhibitions. These activities helped Changhong increasing brand awareness and sales quickly. We need to get the message across about our global brand strategy, not only the television business, but also all white goods. What are the key differentiation factors of Changhong in the marketplace? Why should retailers work with you? There are a number of key factors that I would like to underline. Important points include local R&D and manufacturing and the supply of better products and services. The balance between price and manufacturing capacity can give us a more competitive edge in the market. Can you tell us more about CHiQ and how you will be marketing the CHiQ brand/ecosystem in Europe? CHiQ products will focus on excellent design, innovative performance, and reasonable prices in Europe. Compared to other products, CHiQ will be smarter and supply more smart functions for our consumers as it is supported by the Changhong smart platform and ecosystem. Some Chinese companies have been buying up western manufacturers or brands in order to get into the market faster. What’s your policy in this respect? We are seeking merger and acquisition opportunities to increase Changhong’s global market position. Changhong 98-inch 8K UHD Changhong has factories in Czech Republic and Barcelona, as I mentioned already, which help Changhong bring the latest products quickly to market. In the near future, Changhong will set up a new R&D centre and a smart factory in Europe Hall 2.2 Stand 101 © Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd. IFA International • Friday 2 nd September 2016 15

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