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Day 1 - IFA International

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NEWS Samsung Redefines

NEWS Samsung Redefines the Consumer Experience Connectivity is key to Samsung’s in-home strategy – outlined at IFA 2016 media event Samsung Electronics used its IFA 2016 press conference to demonstrate to a packed audience how it is redefining the consumer experience, showcasing a range of new products and partnerships for the Global home appliance, visual display and home entertainment markets. Introducing the event, David Lowes, Chief Marketing Officer for Samsung Electronics Europe, said, “We make the things that can’t be made so you can do the things that can’t be done.” Lowes says the company is continually striving to redefine the Samsung experience across all key categories, spending approximately 30m Euros a day on R&D: “Everything Samsung creates is borne out of our determination to enrich peoples’ daily lives with innovative technology, based on a deep understanding of what consumers really want and need.” Lowes also took time to emphasise the importance of Europe, which is home to 14,000 Samsung employees. With Q2 revenue up 5% year on year, seven out of 10 European homes owning a Samsung mobile phone, and one in three families watching Samsung TVs, the company believes now is the right time to invest even further in Europe’s potential. QUANTUM DOT TECHNOLOGY KEY TO TV BUSINESS Drilling down into its key product innovations, Samsung highlighted the importance of Quantum dot display technology to its TV business. Samsung VP European Head of Visual Display Michael Zoeller revealed the company’s new Quantum dot TV, the 88- inch KS9800, and the world’s first curved Quantum dot PC Monitors – one of which is targeted at the gaming market. EVERYTHING SAMSUNG CREATES IS BORNE OUT OF OUR DETERMINATION TO ENRICH PEOPLES’ DAILY LIVES Samsung also placed a great deal of emphasis on content and partnerships. Won Jin Lee, EVP of the Visual Display Business, introduced Samsung’s content platform, Smart Hub. He also announced plans to expand Samsung’s TV Plus service – which has proven popular in South Korea – to the US and Europe. NEW MAJOR APPLIANCES ANNOUNCED @ IFA On the home appliances front, Samsung’s European Director Digital Appliances Dan Harvie said Samsung’s home appliance business has grown five times faster than the rest of the industry in Europe over the last three years. He said the success of new products such as AddWash, first revealed at IFA 2015, have made Samsung the number one premium washing machine brand in France, Poland, Italy and the UK. At IFA 2016, Samsung announced two new AddWash products – the AddWash Combo, which eliminates the need to purchase a separate dryer, and the AddWash Slim, which fits into a smaller kitchen space. Harvie also introduced three new built-in line-ups, the Contemporary Line with a new built-in refrigerator, the Black Line, which uses a semi-matte black that gives a modern, timeless look, and the original Chef Collection. In addition, he announced that Samsung’s acclaimed Family Hub refrigerator is coming to Europe. Family Hub features a 21.5-inch Full HD touchscreen that can serve as the family’s interactive white board. Consumers can also use the touchscreen and online shopping app to order groceries for delivery right to their door. This top-of-the-line refrigerator also features Twin Cooling Plus technology to maximise food freshness, as well as Precise Chef Cooling, which keeps temperature fluctuations within plus or minus 0.5 degrees. SOCIAL COMMITMENT Emphasising its commitment to the future, Samsung announced a partnership with MakerBot, the global leader in 3D printing, which will equip schools, colleges and museums in five European markets with 3D printers, as well as train teachers and students in the use of the technology. Samsung also announced that, as part of the European Commission’s Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, it is on track to meet its pledge to support 400,000 young people by the end of 2016 CityCube Hall B / Stand 101 IFA International • Friday 2 nd September 2016 19

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