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Day 1 - IFA International

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DAY 1 Hall 21 B / 102 Friday 2 nd September 2016 Hall 3.1 / 109 Hall 6.2 / 204 CONTENTS 03 > NEWS 34 > TRADE TALK 37 > PRESS CORNER 38 > IFA+ SUMMIT 40 > EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS 45 > NOMADIC LIFESTYLE - PART 1 66 > eHEALTH & iSPORT 74 > SPOTLIGHT ON KOREA 75 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN 77 & 79 > STANDS OF THE DAY TRADE TALK Sophia Tsao VP, Head of Marketplace, Newegg Recent trends that are shaping the industry fall into a few areas: Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and home automation (IoT). Read page 35 THOUGHT LEADERS Dr Dieter Zetsche Chairman of the Board of Managers at Daimler AG and Head of the Mercedes-Benz Cars Division The car is developing into the ‘ultimate mobile device’ Read page 42 Concepts Become Business Reality IFA 2016: Smart, connected products, VR & drones - new massive growth vectors Dr Karsten Ottenberg CEO of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH Read exclusive interview page 40 What, until now, were concepts and ideas in the fields of connectivity and machine intelligence discussed, developed and demonstrated with verve at previous editions of IFA, become business reality at this year’s show, ready to roll-out massively in coming months and years. Communication between devices of all kinds is now commonplace, and in the coming years will become so essential that hardly any products will NOT be intelligent. The Internet of Things, robotics and huge bandwidth capabilities are set to totally change our existence. The big theme at IFA is indeed connectivity. It thus augers well that the opening keynote, THE INTERNET OF THINGS, ROBOTICS AND HUGE BANDWIDTH CAPABILITIES ARE SET TO TOTALLY CHANGE OUR EXISTENCE. taking place today in the CityCube Berlin building by Dr Karsten Ottenberg, CEO of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH (pictured left), will concentrate on how home appliances will become “cognitive assistants”. Welcome to day one of the show that opens many an eye! Pieter Nota CEO Personal Health Businesses and Chief Marketing Officer Royal Philips At this year’s IFA we are launching a wide range of connected personal health innovations Read page 43 NOMADIC LIFESTYLE PART 1 Once just considered more of a “telco” thing, nomadic products are now firmly considered “CE”. Smartphones are perhaps the most indispensable mobile product today, but wearables and headphones are particularly interesting sectors for retail buyers. Don’t miss our extensive “nomadic lifestyle” section - from page 45.

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