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Day 1 - IFA International

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Dr Dieter Zetsche Chairman of the Board of Managers at Daimler AG and Head of the Mercedes-Benz Cars Division The Ultimate Mobile Device Daimler AG Chairman Dr Dieter Zetsche’s IFA keynote explains why the car is becoming a “quality time machine” In his IFA keynote on Friday afternoon, Dr Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Managers at Daimler AG and Head of the Mercedes-Benz Cars Division will talk about “The ultimate mobile device: The car as a ‘Quality Time Machine’”. We asked him how one can reconcile a car manufacturer participating in a consumer electronics event… legally go today with self-driving features in a series-built car. And we continue to gradually bringing more autonomous driving technology to our cars. So, you don’t have to time travel to experience its benefits. Fortunately, there’s not all that much to reconcile. The car is developing into the “ultimate mobile device”. People spend more and more time in their cars. And they want to spend that time in line with their lifestyle outside of the vehicle. I know of no other device that brings mobility, entertainment and comfort together more seamlessly than a car. That’s why some of the most successful consumer electronics and tech companies want to get into the auto business, too. What do you think about competition from IT companies? First of all, it’s a vote of confidence in the future of this industry. Most mature industries contract and consolidate. Ours is 130 years old, still growing and still attracting new entrants. And competition is always good. It makes everyone better. It also proves: The car industry is now undergoing a major transformation. In the past, it’s mostly been about “hardware”. Now the “software” is gaining importance, too. But software alone won’t bring you from A to B. Therefore, companies that create the most compelling combination of software and hardware will have the competitive edge. That’s what makes it really exciting to work in this field today. The title of your keynote is “The car as an ultimate mobile device - a ‘Quality Time Machine’”. What do you mean by this? For 130 years, we’ve been providing individual mobility. Autonomous cars will deliver another very precious benefit: time. That’s why we are constantly adding more self-driving features to our cars and at the same time, enhance the possibilities of using that time on the road more efficiently. After all, the more things you get done along the way, the more quality time is left to spend with loved ones or doing other important things. That’s how the car turns into a “Quality Time Machine”. Sounds like a vision for the distant future. Absolutely – but that future is not all that distant. Fully self-driving cars aren’t here yet for different reasons ranging from technology to regulations to social acceptance. That is a steady process. We want Mercedes drivers to leave their car in better physical and mental shape than they entered it. That’s why our E-Class goes as far as you can The car is indeed increasingly a part of our “electronic lifestyle” in many ways. What are the main changes we can expect to see in the coming years in this respect? It is no secret that the car of the future is going to be self-driving, emission-free and fully connected. The magic really happens in successfully combining these elements into one “truly Mercedeslike” experience that perfectly suits the lifestyle of our customers. How important do you feel it is to address the people at IFA - media and trade about where this is “all going”? We don’t know exactly what the future’s going to look like of course. But these are probably the most exciting times in the history of our industry. That’s why I am even more looking forward to discussing different views and exchange visions of future. IFA is the ideal venue to meet people who rapidly change their passions and lifestyle. What they love and are devoted to today may not even be here tomorrow. And I am not just talking about chasing funny little creatures in augmented reality – but about things that will really change our lives and our world for the better IFA IS THE IDEAL VENUE TO MEET PEOPLE WHO RAPIDLY CHANGE THEIR PASSIONS AND LIFESTYLE. IFA KEYNOTE Friday 2 nd September 2016 CityCube Berlin, Hall A - Level 1 4:00 pm 42

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Pieter Nota CEO Personal Health Businesses and Chief Marketing Officer Royal Philips Changing the habits of a lifetime can be difficult. At IFA 2016, Pieter Nota, CEO Personal Health Businesses and Chief Marketing Officer Royal Philips is talking about new personalised connected health programs designed to enable people to be healthy, live well and enjoy life. In this interview with IFA International Pieter Nota states that a more connected, personalised form of healthcare is key to creating healthier societies. We asked him how Philips is helping consumers better manage their own health… Through combining our professional healthcare and consumer businesses we believe we are optimally positioned to leverage our advanced technologies, clinical understanding, and consumer insights to deliver the kind of integrated connected solutions which can support healthcare systems and create healthier societies. What products is Philips announcing and launching at IFA this year? Innovation is at the core of our products and services, and it’s also what enables us to reinvent ourselves. At this year’s IFA we are launching a wide range of connected personal health innovations in areas such as oral care, sleep and heart health. These innovations further highlight our strategy to empower consumers to become ever more engaged in their health. Our companywide portfolio of connected consumer health products leverages Philips HealthSuite – a cloudenabled connected health ecosystem of devices, apps and digital tools that empowers personalised health and continuous care. Let me give you some examples. We are launching the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected, the first connected toothbrush with smart sensor technology built into the toothbrush, which allows you to know exactly where and how well you are brushing. Consumers can upload the data from their connected Philips Sonicare to our secure platform Philips HealthSuite, and share it with their dental practice and receive personalised feedback. Also, as a global leader in sleep solutions, we are showcasing our connected personalised sleep programs, the Dream Family. Part of the offering is the DreamWear mask, which supports people suffering from sleep apnea – a condition that causes patients to stop breathing, or breathe very shallowly, while sleeping. Designed with a people-centric approach, the Dreamwear mask is one of the most user-preferred CPAP masks in the industry because of its superior comfort and wearability. Thirdly, we are launching our Philips heart health program, a new app-based program aimed at reducing lifestyle-induced risk factors for cardiovascular disease. It provides users with a personalised plan based on medical guidelines and their health profile. Together with leading paediatricians and child development experts – we have developed the world’s first medical-grade baby app, uGrow, which is also powered by Philips HealthSuite. Using the uGrow app, parents can collect data from connected devices - such as a smart thermometer and smart baby monitor - and track behaviours such as sleep and feeding patterns or their baby’s first words. Finally, we are showcasing Philips OneBlade - a new hybrid styler that can trim, shave and create clean lines and edges. OneBlade is especially designed for male millennials who regard personally styled facial hair as an essential part of their persona. For the first time, they can shave any length of hair with one stroke; What kind of feedback do you get from patients and consumers? We have good insights from the Future Health Index, a study commissioned by Philips, which surveyed 25,000 patients with over half (57%) of patients aged 18-34 saying they owned or used at least one health monitoring device, showing an appetite for consumers to manage their own health. Thanks to digital technologies and the rise of connected devices, we can create more touch-points with consumers and enable them to use and share their own data with doctors. For example, Philips HealthSuite lets you aggregate the data Philips - At the Forefront of Digital Health Enabling people to be healthy, live well and enjoy life you collect yourself and share it with your healthcare professionals. Through connected propositions we can make accurate, reliable and secure information available wherever and whenever it’s needed to optimize health outcomes. Philips HealthSuite currently powers millions of connected devices. Our sleep therapy solutions have supported more than 7 million patients. While many companies are talking about connected health, Philips is already doing it. IFA International • Friday 2 nd September 2016 43

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