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Day 1 - IFA International

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News Kirk Skaugen

News Kirk Skaugen speaking at Intel's IFA press conference on wednesday Meet the New PC, Says Intel PC sales are in decline and the litany of complaints about the graying of the PC isn’t all that different than typical complaints about the aged. too slow...doesn’t start up quickly... runs out of energy too quickly...not up to the latest tech... security a constant issue. In one fell swoop, Intel brings to the market an across-the-board range of technology solutions that promise to reinvigorate the sales of the mature The press conference at IFA, run by Kirk Skaugen, Senior Vice-President General Manager, Client Computing Group, was a tour de force with demonstrations of everything from a Formula One simulator to 3D scanning to wireless charging to facial scan security. And all these solutions also need the power provided by Intel’s new 6th generation Core chip, the Schwarzenegger of CPUs. With dozens of OEM products on show, each incorporating different Intel technology, Intel presented a convincing case that these new innovations will re-ignite PC sales. Yet Intel doesn’t stop with the PC. It’s very conscious of the changing landscape: “If it carries electricity,” said Skaugen, “we believe it will compute. And if it computes, we believe it will be connected.” Connected to the internet of course. That leads Intel into new directions. For example, the Curie Module, Intel’s new IoT engine, is the size of a button on a coat. Another example: BASIS, the wearable company now owned by Intel, is now bringing its fitness “wearable” into European distribution. And the star of the show: Intel’s RealSense technology combines computing, augmented reality, and 3D imaging to provide “senses” to devices so these devices can perceive the user and the environment. RealSense creates a whole new user experience by uniting the worlds of PC, wearables and IoT. Hall 16 Stand 100 PC Range for the Serious Gamers You’re in a room with 9 other people. Look carefully because statistically at least one of you out of 10 is a PC gamer. No wonder PC gaming is an 81.5bn Euro market. Acer calls these serious gamers “the Predator Tribe.” Acer’s new Predator series includes Windows 10 laptops, desktops, monitors, Android tablet, and maybe haptic-enabled smartphones or projectors for gamers in the future. If you are not the 1 gamer out of the 10 people, then you might be more interested in Acer’s new Revo Build Series (M1-601). This Mini PC features “blocks” with different features that can stack on top of the base unit, adding functionality as you go. The blocks connect by clicking in place. The Blocks work independently or with other PCs. The Revo Build M1-601 comes in a small 1 liter chassis, a 125 x 125 mm footprint. Hall 12 Stand 101 Courtney Love @ IFA! International rock star Courtney Love will be at IFA for an exclusive signing session at the Zound Industries booth in hall 1.2 / 116 on Saturday, September 5 at 2 pm. Courtney’s presence at the show is part of Zound Industries rock’n’roll celebration of the first smartphone that puts music on the main stage - The Marshall London. Hall1.2 Stand 116 16

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