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Day 1 - IFA International

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News A Trilogy of Philips & Brand Partners Europe’s venerable brand in consumer electronics, Philips cheers on its brand partners in an IFA press conference while it creates a new category of personal health electronics. It’s all coming together now for Royal Philips, for their vision of creating a new category of personal electronics dedicated to the health of each individual. In their IFA press conference, Philips announced the first in a series of personal health programmes that empower consumers to take greater control of their health. Each health program comprises connected health measurement devices, an app-based personalised programme and secure, cloud-based data analysis. Other programmes will follow to focus on heart health, back pain and other health areas. The first Philips personal health programmes will go on sale in Germany in October 2015 and in other markets in 2016 (except USA). “Consumers are increasingly engaged in their personal health and they want solutions that empower them to stay healthy and prevent illness,” said Pieter Nota, Executive Vice President and CEO Personal Health, Royal Philips. Nota turned over the stage to Wiebo Vaartjes CEO of Gibson Innovations. Among other products, Vaartjes launched the Philips Izzy speaker range for multiroom audio. With Izzy, Vaartjes pointed out that less than 5% of homes use multi-room audio. Philips Izzy speaker range is multi-room music made easy. Connecting at the touch of a button, these speakers can connect via Bluetooth– no Wi-Fi connection required. It’s the first range to offer a multi-room plug and play solution without the need of a wireless router or app. Next on stage was Nico Vernieuwe, Chief Commercial Officer TP Vision, for the launch of the newest Philips TVs. One important highlight is the Ambilight projection, a new TV experience that uses rows of LEDs mounted on the rear of the set to create a coloured halo of light on the wall behind the TV. Hall 22 Stand 101 IFA International • Friday 4 th September 2015 21

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