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Day 1 - IFA International

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News Laurent Abadie,

News Laurent Abadie, Chairman and CEO, Panasonic Europe, presenting Nubo, a 4G monitoring camera Panasonic Delivers Technological Innovations for Smart Living Japanese firm says profitability linked to progessive strategy In a wide-ranging presentation at IFA 2015, Panasonic Europe Chairman and CEO Laurent Abadie outlined his company's desire to use technology "to change the way we live for the better. We are focusing our energy on innovations that support smarter living". Abadie told a packed audience that Panasonic had returned to strong profitability by moving "far beyond its traditional hardware approach towards a services and solutions business where we connect and protect smart lives." Abadie used IFA to present Nubo, a 4G monitoring camera that enables consumers to keep a constant check on their valued possessions from remote locations via mobile devices. He also unveiled a new partnership with Allianz which will see the two companies bring together their expertise in technology, insurance and assistance. In addition he unveiled Panasonic's intention to "power people's lives" by further expanding the company's activities in batteries, "an area with huge business potential". On the product front, Tetsuro Homma, President of the Panasonic Appliances Company, discussed the importance of "innovation, design and space" in the company's goal of hitting €17 bn revenues in Europe by 2018. He then proceeded to discuss innovations such as new induction hobs, A+++ refrigerators with freshness preservation technology and 4K photography. His biggest announcement was Panasonic's first commercially-available OLED TV set, the CZ950. Equipped with a 4K Studio Master Processor and developed in partnership with Hollywood colourist Mike Sowa, Homma is confident that this is Panasonic's finest quality TV to date. This year is also the 50th anniversary of Panasonic's audio brand Technics. To celebrate, Technics director Michiko Ogawa unveiled a series of new products including the SU-G30 network amplifier, ST-G30 music server and T700 headphones. Hall 5.2 Stand 101 22

Vision Meets Industry Session 1 MOBILITY CityCube Berlin 7 Sept. 2015 2:00-3:40 pm On The Democratisation of Useful Improvements IFA+ Summit takes thinking to the next level in the mobile sector At the opening session of the IFA+ Summit (Mobility), Martin Börner, Deputy President, Samsung Electronics, will give insights in the latest developments in the area of telecommunication and tablet computers. We asked him what he sees as being the biggest challenges in his industry today. Bringing new inventions to success is not just a matter of technological capabilities but of acceptance within society. Simplicity is a key to integrating new technologies in everyday life. The more convenient and natural it is for people to use our innovations, the more successful we are to enlighten them about future technologies. We don’t innovate for the sake of bringing new gadgets to life, but rather want to democratise useful improvements. Please tell us more about your presentation. The future of mobility brings key industries together – it is one of the most thrilling developments these days. That’s why I am very glad to be part of the mobility session. I will talk about smart devices, consumer acceptance and the Internet of Things as preconditions for innovation drivers such as car sharing, e-mobility and connected urban infrastructures. While the smart home gains traction, the smart city is just around the corner. Our main driver remains: How can we convince consumers of the benefits these innovations offer for their daily life and reduce natural fears? The “catch phrase” of the summit is “next level of thinking”. How important is it for people to project onto a different plane in this respect and look at things in a different way? At Samsung, the next level of thinking has already started and I am really excited about it. It is all about collaboration and thinking outside the box. Look at our partnership with BMW – the results are literally electrifying. I can summon my electric BMW with my Galaxy Gear and it moves autonomously to pick me up. That is innovation off the cuff – can’t wait to see more of that! The CE market is becoming a melting pot for new services and merging industries enabled by key technologies like the Internet of Things. IFA is already one of the world’s greatest showcases for our industry. Now it is time to become one of the most vibrant places to exchange ideas as well. The IFA+ summit is a good start for this big endeavour. Martin Börner Deputy President, Samsung Electronics Germany IFA International • Friday 4 th September 2015 23

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