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Day 1 - IFA International

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Plan of orientation for

Plan of orientation for handicapped Hall 3.1- Stand 109 Hall 25 - Stand 110 30

Exclusive Interview Windows 10 Knows Who You Are The operating Software that lets you unlock your PC with your face Nick Parker, vice-president of Microsoft’s OEM division, gives an IFA keynote with the title Windows 10 Lights up New Devices, today at 3:00 pm. He spoke exclusively to IFA international ahead of the show… What are the benefits of Windows 10 for your OEM partners? The new capabilities in Windows 10 enable unique experiences for our customers. Windows 10 truly helps people do great things. With Windows Hello, it is now possible to unlock your PC with your face. You can use Cortana as a personal digital assistant to schedule a meeting or simply ask her to tell you a joke. Windows 10 enables our OEM partners to deliver a myriad of innovative new devices to customers including all the PCs and tablets that were launched here at IFA. Many of these devices light up unique Windows 10 experiences with extended Cortana functions, Cortana specific keys and cameras that enable Windows Hello. What’s your message to industry partners here at IFA? With an integrated consistent user experience across devices, universal apps, frequent OS updates, and features that are enabled by new hardware Windows 10 represents tremendous opportunities for our partners to grow their business by delivering innovative Windows 10 devices and solutions. We have worked with partners throughout our expanding ecosystem to offer great Windows 10 experiences on existing devices, and to build a wide range of new devices, across categories and price points, that bring Windows 10 capabilities and experiences to life for customers. We are starting to see the results of these efforts as partners are making a wide variety of Windows 10 PCs, tablets, phones and IoT devices, running Microsoft apps and services, available to help people be more productive in their digital work and life. What are some examples of new things one can do with Windows 10? Cortana is the personal digital assistant that makes searching and finding the right information at the right time easy, and the more one uses Cortana the more personalised your experience will be. Microsoft Edge allows you to do unexpected things and enables people to quickly browse, read, mark up and share the Web. With the integrated Xbox app, players can capture, share and edit their gaming moments with Game DVR, play new games with friends across devices, and play games streamed directly from their Xbox one consoles to their Windows 10 tablets or PCs within their home. With Continuum, you can use a keyboard and mouse when you choose, or you can optimise your screen for a great touch experience. Our OEM devices help enable these great Windows 10 experiences to come to life. With Windows 10 and Intel’s new processor technology, it seems to be a landmark year in the IT technology space. What are your thoughts about this and where it’s all headed? We’re very excited about the year ahead and the new devices our OEMs are announcing in the coming weeks. We’re thrilled about the advancements in Windows 10 and Intel’s newest processors and how, together, they’ve inspired our OEMs to create the best hardware yet. Intel’s new sixth-gen core processors will dramatically increase battery life, increase performance and offer improvements on the graphics front, so people can get the most out of Windows 10. New devices where Intel sixth-gen core processors really shine include Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 with its premium performance, immersive graphics and stunning video and Lenovo’s latest devices that offer a sizeable increase in raw performance and with integrated graphics. There’s more innovation coming from our OEMs – stay tuned! Why is IFA an important show for Microsoft? Microsoft and many of our device partners offer software and devices to consumers, and IFA is a great event at which we can show both customers and press our latest innovations. This year, with the launch of Windows 10 we wanted to increase our presence and highlight the first devices designed for Windows 10 from our partners. These devices light up Windows 10 features and I am excited to showcase them during Microsoft’s keynote this afternoon. Nick Parker Corporate vice-president, Microsoft’s OEM division (…) Windows 10 represents tremendous opportunities for our partners to grow their business by delivering innovative Windows 10 devices and solutions. IFA International • Friday 4 th September 2015 31

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