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Day 1 - IFA International

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NOMADIC LIFESTYLE Welcome To The New Era of Personal Computing Double performance and triple battery life – just some of the advantages of new Intel processor Kirk Skaugen Senior Vice President and General Manager, Intel Client Computing Group this is Intel’s best processor ever and provides the compelling differentiation the world has been waiting for In Europe, Intel has chosen IFA as the launch point for its brand new 6 th Gen Intel Core processor, the firm’s “best processor ever”. We asked Kirk Skaugen, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Intel Client Computing Group how he feels about this exciting new development. With this launch, we’re stepping forward into a new era of computing. The new processors will deliver major advances in terms of performance and power efficiency, provide stunning visual experiences, and enable amazing new user experiences. 6 th Gen Intel Core processors are also built specifically for Windows 10 and are our most scalable processors ever, meaning we can deliver a broad range of designs – from the tiny Compute Stick to 2in1s and all the way up to enthusiast gaming desktops and mobile workstations. What are the key new features of this new platform? 6th Gen Intel Core delivers more than double the performance, triple the battery life and even better graphics for seamless and smooth gaming and video experiences versus the average 5 year old PC with systems that can be half as thick and half the weight. Those improvements translate to benefits such as faster wake up time, overall speed and responsiveness, the ability to watch 4K videos smoothly and battery life that lasts virtually all day. And because Windows 10 runs best on 6th Gen Intel Core, it enables new experiences like talking to the computer through a personal assistant and removing the pain points of remembering and typing multiple password while providing an incredibly secure computing experience. How does it change the way people conceive and use devices? The near-simultaneous introduction of Windows 10 and the 6th Gen Intel Core processor family gives people the complete solution they want: a fantastic new operating system with new features running on remarkably better hardware. The timing of the two launches enabled us to co-validate and optimize the architecture for the software – and vice versa. The result is an unprecedented pairing of new operating system and new hardware that were built in one of the strongest ever Intel/ Microsoft collaborations for the optimum computing experience. 6 th Gen Intel Core provides benefits including performance, security, immersive experiences and gaming, and great battery life. Devices with the Intel RealSense Camera paired with Windows Hello will enable users to securely log-in using facial recognition, and later this year an integration between Windows Hello and Intel True Key will deliver a full “no passwords” experience – from logging into the device to seamlessly logging into any web site – through biometric authentication. Intel also implemented speech algorithms, voice activation capabilities and better microphones to enhance Microsoft’s personal assistant, Cortana. These are just two great examples of features that will make people’s relationships with their device more natural and human-like when pairing Windows 10 with Intel’s new 6 th Generation Core processors. Do you expect your new platform to drive sales and revive the market? The opportunity is tremendous. With exciting new ways to use and interact with PCs today, the world will be eager to replace the nearly one billion PCs over 3 years old that are still in use. Users have been holding on to their aging systems waiting for something exciting. This has created pent-up demand for the experiences that Windows 10 plus the 6th Gen Intel Core processor family will deliver. We are confident this is Intel’s best processor ever and provides the compelling differentiation the world has been waiting for. There has never been a better time to refresh your technology and purchase a new PC. Commercial and consumer users have held onto old PCs in anticipation of a new operating system and better hardware, leading to pent-up demand for exciting new capabilities. The recent introduction of Windows 10 and the 6th Gen Intel Core processor family gives users the complete solution – from operating system to new features to hardware – that they have been waiting for. How are you leveraging IFA to get the message across? IFA provides an ideal global venue to share our news with consumers and the industry. We’re excited to discuss the opportunities ahead and host conversations about the new computing possibilities that we will all enjoy on the new 6th Gen Intel Core-powered systems our OEM partners dream up. Hall 16 Stand 100 36

NOMADIC LIFESTYLE 2015 – A Turning Point for the PC Industry Toshiba leverages fabulous new tech advances from Intel and Microsoft Sandor Van der Ham Vice President B2C PC business, Toshiba (…) at IFA we are introducing the world’s first 12.5” Ultra HD convertible (…) This year sees an incredible turning point, with Intel’s new technology and Windows 10. But just how important will these factors be in changing the IT (and even CE) world? We put the question to Sandor Van der Ham - Vice President - B2C PC business – Toshiba. The introduction of Windows 10 and Skylake – and particularly their proximity to each other in terms of timing – provide a significant boost to the PC market at an important time. For the first time in a few years, it perhaps gives a stronger reason than ever for consumers to go out and upgrade their PCs to the latest technologies with real, tangible benefits. Importantly for manufacturers like ourselves, it provides the opportunity to introduce new models that incorporate both new technologies at the same time offering consumers the best of the best without having to compromise on choice. This week at IFA we have introduced two new convertibles - the Satellite Radius 12 and 14 - which both incorporate these technologies. The Satellite Radius 12 features the best of Windows 10 including Continuum and Windows Hello and are the first Toshiba models to do so. As mentioned the fact that both Intel and Microsoft’s new technologies have come out in the second half of 2015 means the upcoming peak season will be very interesting, with an exciting array of new devices on the market as a result. With Windows 10 in particular, there is a platform which consumers can utilise and benefit from across not just their PC and tablets but also extends to their gaming and mobile devices. This also impacts the content and apps that we all consumer every day. How would you best describe this moment in the history of your business? How much of a landmark is it? 2015 is already a significant year for us as we celebrate 30 years of expertise in the PC market since we introduced the world’s first mass market laptop in 1985 with the T1100. We have been able to introduce one of our most diverse and comprehensive lineups this year, which enable us to target every area of the market and at a variety of price points. Never before have we offered such a diverse range of models – working with all our partners including the likes of Intel and Microsoft has contributed to this expansive line up. Not only are we launching firsts for Toshiba, but we continue to launch firsts into the market as a whole – highlighting our continuous innovation over the past 30 years. For example, at IFA we are introducing the world’s first 12.5” Ultra HD convertible with the Satellite Radius 12 and our current 2015 Windows line up is the only one in the market to feature a dedicated Cortana button; the latter demonstrating the strength of our partnership with Microsoft. All these factors combined put us in a great position to maximise the peak holiday season over the next few months and continue to build on this into 2016. How will peoples’ lives be changed in the next year or so thanks to this “tech turning point”? Technology evolves at a rapid pace every year, but in the next 12 months we can expect to see an even faster acceleration of this in the PC market due to the introductions of Skylake and Windows 10 which in turn will lead to an new influx of devices. An increased choice of devices and form factors will benefit consumers and enable them to choose the right device with constantly changing requirements and usage scenarios. For example, as well as our new Ultra HD convertible, we will also be introducing a more mainstream convertible – the Satellite Radius 14. Historically a user may have expected lower performance capabilities when utilising a tablet, but we have been able to integrate Skylake processors so there is no compromise on performance compared to a traditional laptop. Performance improvements and familiarity with the way users interact with their PCs again will be the most noticeable changes to people’s PC usage and something we haven’t experienced at the same time in a few years. 2015 has given the PC market a lot of reasons to be optimistic and we believe we have models that are at the forefront of what is currently available from any vendor. You can expect our 2016 roadmap to continue this trend and expand upon it further. Hall 12 Stand 106 IFA International • Friday 4 th September 2015 37

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