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Day 1 - IFA International

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MARKET RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN THE WEARABLE MARKET GfK’s collected POS data of retailers across 16 European countries reveals that in 1HY 2015 78% of all wearable devices sold (excluding manufacturer direct sales via their own online shops or outlets) are either health & fitness trackers (HFT) or wrist sport computers (WSC). The dominance of sports and fitness devices may be explained by the fact that these devices provide less but unique benefits (e.g. tracking activities while running or swimming) while a smartwatch offers more but similar benefits as a smartphone to which it must be connected (e.g. answer calls, read or write messages, show notifications and directions). Furthermore the trend for HFT in particular is also fueled by cheaper average sales prices in comparison to other segments. While a smartwatch sells at an average price of 173 € in Q2 2015, an HFT costs around 89 €. This makes the HFT more affordable for 1st time buyers but also opens the opportunity for upgrades to a more expensive smartwatch in the future. Others In general the panel market prices for wearables in Q2 1,3% increase due to the launch of new Wrist Sport models in each category Computers with enhanced functionalities such 19,1% as optical heart rate monitoring within HFT and premium GPS watches within WSC. UNIT SHARE JAN - JUN 15 Wrist Sport Computers 19,1% Others 1,3% Smartwatches 20,5% Health & Fitness Trackers 59,1% HEALTH & ACTIVITY MONITORS STATE OF PLAY Apart from big brands, startups have become instigators of the health and activity monitors' market for the past year of two. This is why IFA 2015 is abundant with premiers of such devices, not only at the pavilions where the giants are featured, but, above all, at the IFA Fitness & Activity zone (Hall 7.2) and the IFA TechWatch, which is where the startups are featured (Hall 11.1). INNOVATIONS TO LOOK FOR AT IFA DON’T LET THE PRESSURE GET TO YOU While the first activity monitors followed steps and heartbeat, blood pressure monitors are growing as a category. A wireless blood pressure monitor allows users to easily measure, record and share their blood pressure data with their family or doctor using an app. A good example is the Italian QardioArm. SLEEP MONITORS GAIN IN ACCURACY This is a fast growing category, with a number of manufacturers presenting brand new products at IFA, as disturbed sleep is a common problem that can impact negatively on health. The dedicated sleep monitor is a pad-like device that is slipped under the mattress and is able to monitor and track – with much more accuracy than a “worn” device – a person’s sleep patterns, breathing and heart rate. A good example is the newly released Beurer SE 80 SleepExpert. FITNESS MONITORS GO ONE STEP FURTHER The big question has been over the past year, “How to make a fitness monitor that does something more than just count steps, calories and basic sleep patterns”. A key innovation in this respect comes in the more in-depth analysis of the information gathered from the device in terms of what it means to the user. For example, Jaybird have launched the Reign (Hall 7.2c / 124), which gives the user a score each morning that tells them how ready their body is to be active on that particular day. The device measures the variability in time between each heart beat (Heart Rate Variability – HRV) and can detect patterns of fatigue or recovery. AVERAGE SALES PRICE IN € Source: Data 200 is based on POS data collected from retailers in 16 European Countries 150 Smartwatches 20,5% 200 150 100 CONTACT 100 Arndt Polifke Global Director Telecom GfK Retail and Technology THE FUTURE Health & Fitness Trackers 59,1% Smartwatches Wrist Sport Computers Wearables Total Health & Fitness Trackers Smartwatches 50 Q3 14 Q4 Wrist 14 Sport Computers Q1 15 Q2 15 Wearables Total Health & Fitness Trackers 50 Q3 14 Q4 14 Q1 15 Q2 15 Dr. Rudolf Aunkofer Global Director Information Technology GfK Retail and Technology With health and activity monitor prices swelling in the past year and coming to a standstill this year, it is clear that these devices are yet to peak. The biggest challenge in this segment is to create a habit for users to take care of yet another device, which they need to carry, recharge, and keep its notifications in mind. However, smartphones have answered this challenge with flying colours and health and activity monitors depend much on them. INNOVATING @ IFA U-WAKE BY AMTRAN TECHNOLOGY U-Wake is a real-time brainwave detection system that can accurately detect the user's fatigue level and use BLE technology to transmit brainwave data to the U-Wake smartphone app, which sends an alarm to users before falling asleep at the wheel. » HALL 27 STAND 134 » HALL 1.2 / STAND 105 SE 80 SLEEPEXPERT. BY BEURER Data on heart and breathing rate (plus interruptions in breathing) are captured and the compatible SleepExpert app automatically records the measured values, enabling a precise sleep phase analysis. The "Fresh Wake" function helps one wake up well rested by ensuring they're not woken up if you are in the deep sleep phase. » HALL 4.1 / STAND 212 With the participation of Dragan Petric, Mobile Device Expert Group Manager EISA 48

eHEALTH eHEALTH PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT QARDIOARM WIRELESS BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR BY QARDIO QardioArm is a clinically validated, smart upper arm blood pressure monitor and app that allows users to easily measure, record and share their blood pressure data with their family or doctor using an app. Works wirelessly and records all the vital measurements. including systolic and diastolic blood pressure, heart rate, plus includes irregular heartbeat detection. Easily perform a triple measurement average for the most precise feedback. QardioArm also has irregular heart beat detection and will store the data, providing your doctor with more actionable insights into heart health. » HALL 7.2 C / STAND 101 » HALL 7.2 C / STAND 112 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Precision Performs a triple measurement average for more precise feedback 2 Cross-Platform Works with free Qardio app for Apple iOS and Android 3 Connected Shares information automatically with doctors and family UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Precise Location interface with GPS tracking 2 History Saves several days worth of location history 3 Remote surveillance Parents can listen to their child’s surroundings through a baby monitor function E-ZY SOS WATCH FOR CHILDREN Haier has set its sights on new markets with the introduction of connected watches specially designed for children between the ages of 4 and 10. This unique product gives parents peace of mind by keeping them connected to their children at all times. Via a dedicated app, parents can define a safe zone for their child and receive an alert if the child leaves that area. Available in a choice of colours, the watch is splashproof and is equipped with a microphone and speaker for telephone calls. » HALL 3.1 / STAND 109 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Extras Includes integrated calorie requirement analysis (BMR) MEDISANA BODY ANALYSIS SCALE (BS 444) The body analysis scale measures more than just body weight, but uses high-quality stainless steel electrodes to monitor body fat, body water, muscle percentage and bone weight, plus determines the BMI value. The interplay of all of these values is a crucial element in reaching one‘s weight goals in concert with an efficient fitness program. The large LCD display with white luminous digits and bright blue backlight is easy to read even in poor lighting conditions. The BS 430 connect not only delivers measurements for up to eight users and shows them on the large backlit display. » HALL 6.1 / STAND 116 2 Multiple Measurements Large easy-to-read LCD display toggles between kg, lb and st 3 Connected High Speed Bluetooth data transfer IFA International • Friday 4 th September 2015 49

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