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Day 1 - IFA International

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ADVERTORIAL STAND OF THE DAY SIEMENS Bringing home connectivity to life HALL 1.1 / STAND 101 2 3 1 4 OLAF NEDORN Director Marketing & Communication at Siemens Home Appliances “At Siemens we bring connectivity to life, and we want people to experience it at our stand. We want to give IFA visitors a lot of advice about how the connected kitchen works. We have staff here with iPads so people can try out the fridge camera, for example. It’s not just a showcase that is fun but shows how to make your life easier. We have also used the stripes on the floor and the ceilings to reflect the connection between the different products. It’s more than just showing products, the aim is to experience products, to show what connectivity is all about using all of the senses.” 1 HOME CONNECT KITCHEN Among the connected ovens, fridges, washing machines and coffee machines in its future-proof kitchen, Siemens is heralding the first connected refrigerator with interior camera. IFA visitors can look inside the fridge remotely without opening the door, and learn how to better plan meals on the run. 2 HOME CONNECT APARTMENT A futuristic connected apartment featuring colourful floor and ceiling lines that illustrate the connected Siemens products. A large screen gives the visitor a view into a connected world that can be run from any smartphone or tablet device via the Home Connect app. 3 SENSOFRESH WASHING MACHINE Marked by an installation of large, bright white sheets blowing in the breeze, Siemens shows the new sensoFresh technology washing machines that remove unpleasant odours from clothing without water. With no need for drying, its doubly ecological. 4 AVANTGARDE WASHER AND DRYER Beyond the connected apartment, the futuristic stand architecture includes numerous display islands that highlight expressive, innovative, independent and comfortable living. In front of an illuminated mood board, for example, the new avantgarde washing machines and dryers feature a visionary user interface. IFA International • Friday 4 th September 2015 51

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