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Day 1 - IFA International

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SPOTLIGHT ON KOREA Region Korea’s World Cyber Games, the pinnacle of eSports At IFA, Korean Companies Meet the World This year there’s professional matchmaking and a guided tour waiting for buyers when they plan their visit the Korean Pavilion... While Korea is better known in the world (and at IFA) for its biggest high tech businesses like Samsung and LG, many might be impressed to learn there are at least 62 exhibitors from Korea at IFA 2015. Many are here under the auspices of the Korean Electronics Association. The Korean Electronics Association is back again at IFA 2015. They are in Hall 26c representing Korea's electronics & IT industries as well as promoting their Korea Electronics Show (KES), the biggest electronics exhibition in Korea. Meanwhile Enterprise Europe Network is holding an IFA Innovation Match event around the Korean Pavilion consisting two important activities. The first is a B2B meeting with a pre-arranged schedule using online matchmaking tool, and the second is a Guided Tour of Korean Pavilion which the organizers will lead participants to visit different stands of Korean companies according to its specific themes. Companies, research institutes, universities and other organizations which are interested in international cooperation with technical, business or R&D opportunities are invited to participate in this event via an online registration. More than 83 meetings have already been set up. The three key themes of this event reflect some of Korea’s expertise: Home Appliances & Smart Home, Health Care, Smart Phone & Wireless Device and Media & Audio. The Korea International Trade Association joined with Berlin Partner and ED Research to organize this IFA Innovation Match event, while Enterprise Europe Network is well-known in Europe for its matchmaking programmes. SELECTED KOREAN EXHIBITORS AT IFA DRONE-TO-DRONE COMBAT Byrobot’s Drone Fighter is a remote-controlled flying quadcopter that might be enjoyed on its own-- but why when it is designed for drone-to-drone combat? The Drone Fighter uses a powerful infrared signal to fire at other Drone Fighters. When a Drone is “hit,” its LEDs flash and the hand controller vibrates. If a Drone receives six hits, it’s defeated. The Drone Fighter comes with shields, bombs, accumulating totals and other features. Hall 26 / Stand 589 WORLD’S SMALLEST HD LCOS PICO PROJECTOR At 2.2”, SK Telecom can claim its UO Smart Beam Laser is the world’s smallest LCOS-based laser HD pico projector. This wireless wonder throws off 100 inches of 720p HD resolution. Laser diodes enables a focus-free feature and the pico stays sharp and bright with 60 ANSI lumens--nearly double compared to other laser pico projectors on the market, says the maker. Comes with built-in speaker and built-in rechargeable battery. SK Telecom is Korea’s largest telecommunications company with more than 28 million mobile subscribers. Hall 21 E / Stand 101 52

ADVERTORIAL HOSPITALITY / RESTAURANTS / BARS WHERE TO GOIN BERLIN WWW.WHERETOGOINBERLIN.COM CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE What Makes Berlin Smart? The German capital is named as a “Smart City”… Why so? Normally in this section we look at “Where to Go” in Berlin, but today, we decided to look at “WHY go to Berlin”! Indeed, interestingly for IFA “techies”, Berlin has been named as a “Smart City”. But what does this really mean? We put the question to Dr. Stefan Franzke – Management Spokesperson - Berlin Partner for Business and Technology… I think Berlin offers a unique mix – a mix of old and new, of people from all over the world, and of urban and natural spaces. In the last 25 years in particular, the city has really blossomed, taken on a new look, and become more open, more diverse, and more colourful. And finally, when it comes to culture, Berlin is one of the world’s most exciting cities. Berlin is experiencing a net population increase of 40,000 people each year. That makes us very happy, but it also comes with challenges. To keep Berlin liveable and attractive, we need smart solutions for our everyday lives that are efficient and sustainable: How do we quickly get to work in the morning without harming the environment? How is it possible to supply a major city with energy and conserve resources while doing so? How can good health care be guaranteed to all residents? Three questions, one answer: by using technology. As a tech hub in Europe, Berlin is the creative laboratory for the cities of tomorrow. Young founders, experienced entrepreneurs and recognised scientists develop solutions for the Berlin of tomorrow that can then be exported into the world. The EUREF-Campus in Berlin demonstrates just what Berlin as a Smart City could look like: a smart energy system supplying all the buildings primarily with renewable electricity. A fleet of electric cars transports employees from A to B. With these measures and many others, the city has already achieved its climate protection targets set out by the Federal Government for 2050. As a tech hub in Europe, Berlin is the creative laboratory for the cities of tomorrow Berlin is very much a place where the old meets the new – especially when it comes to technology. How does this help to create a smart city? The cooperation between established industry and creative entrepreneurs with technological know-how is extremely valuable on our way to becoming a Smart City. The unique ideas from young founders in Berlin impress me again and again, and thanks to the investment power of experienced companies, the likelihood that they can be implemented quickly increases tremendously. Many global corporations such as Microsoft or IBM are working closely with the start-up scene in Berlin. Cisco is currently building one of six global innovation centres here, aiming to work together with start-ups on Dr. Stefan Franzke Management Spokesperson, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology smart ideas in the fields of production, transport and logistics – all major issues a Smart City faces. How is Berlin Partner helping implement the objectives of this plan? As a promoter of business development in Berlin we know both worlds well – the established industry and the start-up scene. In order for Berlin to position itself as a smart city model around the globe, it’s our job to bring together the best of these two worlds. To do this, we support companies in establishing innovation centres and connecting start-ups with the appropriate contacts in the industry. IFA International • Friday 4 th September 2015 53

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