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Day 1 - IFA International

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News ADVERTORIAL Artwizz Expands Collection With New MacBook Accessories At IFA 2015, Berlin-based accessory specialist Artwizz is launching a new collection of MacBook products with the Artwizz Rubber Clip and Artwizz Neoprene Sleeve. Made of robust, water-resistant neoprene and lined with soft faux-fur, the Neoprene Sleeve - in navy, mint, silver, titanium, gold and black - offers MacBooks long-lasting, shockproof protection. The Artwizz Rubber Clip meanwhile is now available in red, black, mint, purple, green and navy. “Our focus has traditionally been on smartphone accessories, and we are proud to expand our product line to include cases and bags for MacBooks. Our goal with the Rubber Clip and Neoprene Sleeve was to update classic designs with higher-quality materials, modern colours and refined details,” explains Michael Eden, Founder and CEO of Artwizz GmbH. “The results are two elegantly designed MacBook accessories that protect well, look great and compliment every MacBook.” The modern colors, fine stitching and tasteful metal zipper make the Neoprene Sleeve the ideal match for any MacBook Hall 15.1 Stand 184 In the Footsteps of Orpheus Sennheiser defines new horizons for audiophiles at IFA 2015 The premium audio segment is attracting increasing interest this year as high-resolution sound files begin to catch on. We asked Maurice Quarré, Director Business Segments Select & Audiophile, Sennheiser electronic what his thoughts are as to the growth of the segment and how is Sennheiser aiming to meet demand… The topic of high-res audio certainly is one of the dominant ones in the audiophile headphone market. With Sennheiser’s extensive range of audiophile products that are all focused on guaranteeing perfect sound reproduction, we support this development and push it ahead. All of our audiophile products meet the specifications of the Japan Audio Society for products carrying the High-Resolution Audio logo, and not just our latest product introductions. The performance and specifications of Sennheiser audiophile headphones and amplifiers have been setting the market standards for decades. Our legendary Orpheus, which was launched in 1991, still remains the ultimate benchmark for all high-end models we develop today. At Sennheiser, we are in the constant pursuit of perfect sound. We have created benchmark-setting products and numerous innovations that have set new standards in audio technology over the years and we are not ready to stop. I am very confident that Sennheiser will keep on developing products that redefine audio technology – always driven by the ideal of achieving sound in perfection. What is so special about Sennheiser's new HD 630VB headphones that visitors can experience at IFA? The HD 630VB is a milestone for us, marking the first time we have translated our experience in the field of high-end audio into a closedback design. As it features passive noise cancelling, the HD 630VB reliably insulates the user from ambient noise, so he or she can fully focus on the music. Therefore, along with the HD 630VB’s collapsible design and its connection towards Android and iOS mobile phones with integrated smart controls for both operating systems, it perfectly caters to the demands of audiophile listeners who want to enjoy an exceptional sound experience both at home and Maurice Quarré Director Business Segments Select & Audiophile, Sennheiser electronic on the move. In addition, we equipped the HD 630VB with a rotary bass dial, so users can customize the bass response according to their personal preferences. Isn’t the fact of having a “bass boost” kind of “antiaudiophile”? Some may have said the same about a closed-back audiophile headphone model – and yet, our HD 630VB combines the brilliant, spatial sound image of open audiophile models with the advantages closed models hold. Hall 1.2 Stand 202 IFA International • Friday 4 th September 2015 9

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