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Day 1 - IFA International

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News Bosch Raises

News Bosch Raises Consciousness Consumer research helps Bosch shape the future Bosch has focused a great deal of energy on getting to know its customers this year. The results of a survey conducted by the Monheimer Institut are shaping the German premium brand’s The Bosch press conference emphasised substance, quality and performance. future vision. Bosch asked the question ‘Wie bewusst lebt du?’ (‘How conscious do you live?). The answers made it clear that women are more environmentally conscious than men, that people are becoming more interested in cooking and that both men and women would like to be environmentally aware but lack the necessary information. As a result, energy efficiency coupled with energy information are what to expect from Bosch in the last quarter of 2013. Launching at IFA, the Cooking Platform is a stove top with automatic settings, memory and an active energy scale that lets consumers know how much energy they are using, and how they can optimise their consumption. The MyBosch app, meanwhile, puts an end to user manuals. The app also offers Bosch customers advice on how best to work their appliances, such as the optimal way to store foodstuffs in their fridge. Regarding fridges, Bosch is launching 15 new designs under the Classic Reloaded brand. The public can vote for their favourite fridge design online and Bosch will then take that appliance into production. Bosch is also focusing on making its appliances silent. The Logixx 8 Sensitive, aimed at consumers with allergies and skin conditions, is not only the most ‘skin-kind’ washing machine that Bosch has ever produced, but it is also the quietest. Bosch is also showcasing the Athlet, a small vacuum cleaner powered by a lithium ion battery, which is ideal for apartments or small spaces. Hall 3.1 Stand 101 First-of-a-kind 4K 50/60 Hz joins over eight million connected Panasonic TV's in the world. The TV of the Future Is Here Panasonic launches the ‘future-proof’ WT600 UHD TV at IFA The highlight of Panasonic’s press conference at IFA was the launch of the Smart Viera 4K UHD TV L65 WT600. Panasonic claims the TV is the first of its kind in the world with a 4K 50/60 Hz input. But that’s not the only ‘first’ Panasonic has to brag about at IFA. The WT600 has also been awarded THX 4K certification, which Panasonic Consider as the equivalent of an Oscar in the Consumer Electronics world. The third ‘first’ Panasonic has announced is the inclusion of a display port 1.2a, enabling PC-to- TV connections. The WT600 stands out because of its picture quality, range of connectivity and the fact that it is future-proof. Since 2008 Panasonic's VIERA TVs have had cloud TV capabilities and today there are over eight million connected Panasonic TVs in the world. Panasonic is hoping that its future-proofing will come from the world of gaming, although at present its technology is ahead of the curve, as the 4K games console industry is still in its infancy. Another area where Panasonic believes its 4K TV has a future is in film production. Filmmakers will be able to transfer raw footage direct to the TV and watch it in 4K. The WT600 comes equipped with a HTML web browser and an SD card port. For customers with tablets, the Swipe and Share 2.0 technology allows them to transfer their photo albums directly to the TV. European partnerships are already in place with Eurosport and Canal+ and more will follow later this year. Panasonic also introduced the new 20-inch 4K tablet. The tablet will feature 3,840 x 2,160 pixels or a total of 220ppi – and according to Panasonic is the lightest 20” tablet on the market. Hall 5.2 Stand 101 Panasonic unveils the Smart Viera 4K UHD 65“ TV IFA International • Friday 6 th September 2013 15

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