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Day 1 - IFA International

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News Miele Launches

News Miele Launches "Revolutionary Cleaning" Setting new washing machine and tumble dryer standards at IFA [ by Stuart Braun ] At its IFA press conference, German high-end home appliance brand Miele launched a new range of W1 and T1 model washing machines and tumble dryers at IFA 2013. With a focus on cleaning performance, gentle fabric care and user convenience, Miele is claiming a number of ‘world exclusive’ features for its new generation home appliances. These include a PowerWash process which, in combination with a special drum rhythm and rotational speed, allows detergent to penetrate the load deeper and faster and improves [ by Neil Crossley ] Innovative design and sonic excellence are defining factors of the new Logitech range of products, launched at IFA 2013. Prominent among these is the UE Boom, a wireless speaker hailed as the ‘world’s first social media player’. The UE Boom has been created by Ultimate Ears, a Logitech brand, which has a strong heritage among performing artists for its in-ear monitors. Three out of four professional singers and musicians use UE inear monitors on stage. “With Ultimate Ears, we have taken all the sound engineering know-how from the professional side and put it into consumer cleaning performance by at least 10%. In addition to new automatic on-board Miele-branded detergent dispensing systems, W1 and T1 model washing machines are rated A+++ for energy efficiency, have a minimum load capacity of 8 kg and will spin at 1600 rpm. All dryers in the range will feature Miele's energy-saving heatpump technology. Meanwhile, Miele’s new efficient and convenient CapDosing, or capsule dispensing function, facilitates the precise use of special-purpose detergents, additives or fabric products,” said Diego Gabathuler, Logitech Marketing Manager Central Europe. conditioner in capsules placed into the fabric conditioner compartment. Energy efficiency is another core theme for Miele at IFA 2013. All W1 series washing machines feature the new ProfiEco motor, a brushless, permanentmagnet technology that is powerful, maintenancefree, quiet and highly energy-efficient. The machines have achieved an A+++ rating for energy efficiency and an A rating for spin efficiency. Meanwhile, the EcoFeedback indicator, a familiar feature on Miele washing machines, now helps users to better monitor tumble dryer energy efficiency. Sonic Boom Unleashed by Logitech The ever-innovative PC accessories provider launches ‘the world’s first social media player’ at IFA The UE Boom offers 360º sound, a 15-hour rechargeable battery, a 15-metre range and enables two mobile devices to be connected at the same time. It is covered in a specially developed acoustic skin that is both water and stain resistant. The product retails at €€199 and has been launched in Switzerland as a first-test market in Europe. “Switzerland is obviously a particular market with a high buying power,” said Gabathuler, “but it’s outperforming all competitive products. We are launching it in Germany as we speak. We have a availability in Saturn as of last week and we will have further retail partners on board going forward.” The UE Boom is aimed specifically at the youth market and has been produced in response to radically changing listening trends. “The digital age has changed how we listen to our favourite songs and interact with music,” said Rory Dooley, general manager of Ultimate Ears. “While online music services have made it easier to access your music, it's remained a challenge to have an anytime, anywhere listening experience that can Washing machines and tumble dryers from Miele are available in two design lines: ChromeEdition with its chrome-plated door ring has a more classic appearance, while the WhiteEdition is pitched to consumers with a penchant for modern, contemporary design. Dr Reinhard Zinkann, Executive Board member of Miele, also unveiled a new be shared with others. UE Boom solves that problem. Ultimate Ears strives to amplify the social experience of listening to music, bringing people together around the music they love. UE Boom is designed to bring music out into the world.” Other products launched by Logitech include ultrathin protective keyboard folios for Samsung Galaxy tablets, retailing at €99, and Knock2Open feature on its 6000 dishwasher range at IFA – simply knock twice and the dishwasher opens automatically, a feature that integrates the machine more seamlessly into modern kitchen designs. Hall 2.1 Stand 101 Miele booth at IFA Z600 Bluetooth speakers, retailing at €€149. These speakers were designed to resemble an object of art using shapes, materials, and colours that meld with the modern living space. They can be used to stream music and other audio from a computer, smartphone or tablet. Hall 3.2 Stand 212 The UE Boom provides pro audio sound quality 16

Conference & Events Preview IFA 2013 International Keynotes THE WORLD’S DECISION MAKERS OF THE CONSUMER ELECTRONICS, HOME APPLIANCES AND RELATED BRANCHES ARE INVITED TO SHARE THEIR VISIONS WITH EXHIBITORS, TRADE VISITORS, VIPS AND JOURNALISTS OF IFA. Pieter Nota Executive Vice President & Chief Executive Officer of Consumer Lifestyle, Philips “PHILIPS - DELIVERING MEANINGFUL INNOVATION IN A DIGITAL AGE" 6 th September - 10:15 a.m. Founded in 1891, Philips has developed into one of the biggest and most innovative technology companies worldwide. With its three different sectors: Healthcare, Lighting and Consumer Lifestyle, Philips is broadly based and has always pursued one goal: to improve people’s lives, by making it easier, healthier and more enjoyable. IFA Berlin played a major role for Philips right from the beginning in 1924. In 2013 “Smart” arrived in every product area presented on the IFA fairground. Philips points out how smart technology solutions can upgrade consumers’ lives and how these accompany the long-term corporate strategy of Philips. Dan Hesse Chief Executive Officer, Sprint Corporation “FROM TRANSFORMATIVE TO REVOLUTIONARY: THE IMPACT OF WIRELESS ON OUR WORLD” 6 th September - 1:00 p.m. In the first IFA keynote by a US wireless CEO, Dan Hesse will address the profound impact wireless has on societies across the world. With the advent of ultra-high-speed mobile networks, wireless will play an even more integral role in virtually every aspect of our lives. Advances once thought far in the future, like augmented reality, vocal recognition and real-time translation, will become commonplace. What will this new world look like? What are the advantages and the challenges? How will this “always on” world of Big Data affect privacy and security? Alan Mulally President & Chief Executive Officer, Ford Motor Company “THE SMART CAR: INTUITIVE, CONNECTED AND SAFE” 6 th September - 5:00 p.m. Alan Mulally’s keynote will highlight Ford’s commitment to leading a new era of connected driving and how it is leveraging technology to deliver a safer, more convenient driving experience. Mulally also will reveal an allnew Ford concept vehicle with breakthrough technology features. Ford also will provide an update on plans for bringing Ford SYNC with AppLink to market later this year, including an update on new app development partners. Turan Erdogan Chief Executive Officer, Vestel Group Colin Angle Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, iRobot “Head Monster” Noel Lee Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Monster, Inc. “WILL TV DIE? FUTURE OF CONSUMER ELECTRONICS” 7 th September - 10:30 a.m. In his keynote address, Vestel CEO, Turan Erdogan will explore the future of consumer electronics. Ten years from now, the TV will still be one of the largest pieces of furniture in the living room, and it will still have a central place in family life. However the TV business overall may be unrecognizable certainly when compared to the operating models and industry makeup that prevail today. "HOW ROBOTS ARE CHANGING THE CONSUMER SPACE AND PEOPLES’ LIVES" 7 th September - 3:00 p.m. Colin Angle co-founded iRobot in 1991 with the goal of making practical robots a reality for people around the world. For more than two decades, iRobot has been leading the charge and developing the latest in robotic technologies. Mr Angle will talk about how by creating value – dependable robots that perform their tasks will become within reach of the everyday consumer. Robots are now in the mainstream. Robots are performing more jobs indoors and extending their reach to outdoor jobs as well. “THE HEADPHONE REVOLUTION: HOW DID IT HAPPEN? FROM MONSTER, THE COMPANY THAT MADE IT HAPPEN” 8 th September - 3:00 p.m. In his keynote, Noel Lee will give the inside track on how headphones became a big consumer business. The Head Monster will give insights about the key values needed to find new trends, to develop audio innovations for retailers, customers and consumers and to drive business successfully for more than 30 years. He will analyse the development in the headphone market of the last years and question if this is a fad or an ongoing trend. In these considerations, he will also discuss the most recent developments in the consumer electronics market. ACCESS Exhibitors, Trade Visitors, Press and VIPs LOCATION International Keynote Area, Hall 6.3 ENTRY 15 min. prior to start / VIPs and Press: 30 min. prior to start For trade visitors admission to the exhibition grounds for the morning keynotes is through the South Entrance. SHUTTLE SERVICE A shuttle bus service guarantees comfortable transfer from South Entrance / International Trade Visitor Reception Area (foyer between Hall 1.1 and 2.1) to the International Keynote Area. IFA International • Friday 6 th September 2013 17

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