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Day 1 - IFA International

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Closer to the Consumer A personal relationship with customers helps the Euronics Deutschland’s brand to stand apart Euronics Deutschland has three main brands and more stores in its network than any other of Euronics’ national organisations. Benedict Kober, Board Spokesman for Euronics Deutschland, explains why the group is so successful in this zone. Benedict Kober Euronics Deutschland eG The heterogeneous structure of Euronics Germany eG is a great strength and at the same time, a challenge. Under the strong umbrella brand of Euronics, we unite members of all sizes, who position themselves in the market with different skills and strengths. Therefore, we are closer to the consumer than other companies. Customer focus and depth distribution are unique in our cooperative and Euronics members can offer the right range for each target group. Buying habits are changing, so new sales models and formulas for approaching customers are needed to allow retailers to establish a consistent marketing strategy across all channels. Many of our members are already successfully entering into cross-channel marketing and testing new forms of consumer dialogue. In 2014 we will continue to drive the development of our multichannel strategy. Euronics stands for clear quality and excellence. Our dealers welcome customers with an attractive range of offers and strong consultation and service both on and offline. Virtues such as a personal relationship with customers, comprehensive advice and competent customer service are once again becoming very important. This is what makes our brand stand apart. Hall 23 Stand 102 Spanish Success Examining how Euronics operates in Spain Euronics is now the largest organisation of traders appliance stores in Spain with more than 2,000 stores. Jose Maria Verdegeur, General Manager, Sinersis – Spain and Portugal, explains how the company operates in this zone. In Spain, the market structure is divided into four channels and our channel ‘buying groups’ are still very active in the market. For example, in the white goods category, buying groups currently have a market share of 50%. Since 2007, the evolution of the market has experienced a marked decline with a drop of almost 50%, but we believe we are in the last part of the crisis and we hope that in 2014 the market stabilises. As our business consists of convenience stores, buying groups continue to be a valid option for customers for the benefits that it brings, such as proximity, advice, financing and a competitive price. Euronics International Agreements provides a basis for encouraging our business lines, providing an additional margin and being innovative in product lines such as IT, tablets, smartphones and everything related to developing crosschannel. Hall 23 Stand 102 Jose Maria Verdegeur General Manager, Sinersis Spain and Portugal IFA International • Friday 6 th September 2013 21

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