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Day 1 - IFA International

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Return to the Living

Return to the Living Room Smart TVs, multiscreens and free viewing habits are changing communal living According to GfK, the landscape of the living room is changing again. People are more likely to interact with the content on their TV and the related connected online environments than with the people sitting beside them in the living room. Certainly, arguments over who rules the remote are almost history; it is already normal for people in the same room to be simultaneously watching different content on multiple screens – on tablets and smartphones. But rather than fracturing family units, this is actually bringing them back to the living room, echoing the early years of television’s ubiquity. Jürgen Boyny, global director of consumer electronics, GfK Retail & Technology said: “The chance with Smart TV is at least to move TV benefits to a complete new level of information and usage, where the TV develops into some kind of videoconference centre in the living room. Grandchildren today still call their grandparents on the phone, but in the very The future of the living room near future they will do this through the TV.” Paul Gray, Director of European TV Research, DisplaySearch said: “Over 40% of TVs now shipping in Western Europe can receive internet content, with Eastern Europe close behind at 35% and rising rapidly. The game for TV brands has evolved rapidly from simple portals to rich apps and now inter-operability with handheld devices.” LIVING ROOM 72 28 As TVs get slimmer, about 25% of consumers buy a soundbar at the same time as purchasing their TV, able to bring great sound quality without the need for separates. Meanwhile, as far as headphones are concerned an interesting trend has emerged: what used to be solely a livingroom hi-fi accessory has now become ubiquitous on the streets. However, the future for the living room is more than just LIFESTYLE 62 39 65 35 Smart TV 24 76 Others Global Japan Korea CH NL D F UK SMART TV sales vs LCD sales during 1st HY 2013] GfK Buyers Guide.ppt slide 3 36 64 40 60 68 32 71 29 video-calling, shopping and commenting through TV. The technology in Microsoft’s Kinect, for example – as well as leading the way in gesture and sound commands – will be intrinsic to its pioneering Illumiroom, projecting augmented visual stimuli from the TV set onto the room and the viewers therein, making viewing and gaming experiences hyperimmersive. IFA International • Friday 6 th September 2013 29

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