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Day 1 - IFA International

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LIVING ROOM LIFESTYLE [ SMART TV & UHD TV ] ADVERTORIAL A Home Interior Focused Approach Matching TVs with modern domestic interiors TP Vision continues to match Philips TVs with modern domestic interiors, offering televisions with various flavours of Ambilight, using unconventional forms and authentic materials, while developing designs that communicate the value of lightness. The integration of Philips Hue into the TV ecosystem further expands the Ambilight experience within the living room. “88 per cent of respondents said that they must have a TV in their living room” (Source TNS Ennid) The days when consumers hid their TVs in cabinets or completely banished their sets from the living room are gone. Today, TVs are seen as a means for the owner to express his or her personality and style. TVs are presented as a feature in the living room and are an integral part of the domestic interior design. “We discovered through research that consumers are increasingly turning away from viewing a TV as merely a piece of technology,” said Rod White, Head of Design at TP Vision and responsible for the design of Philips TVs. “We see an emerging trend towards a more interior focused approach to TVs. Our Philips TV range reflects this in both materials and form.” A German survey by TNS Emnid, commissioned by furniture maker Interlübke (“Deutschland privat – So wohnen und leben © TP Vision die Deutschen 2012“), underpins TP Vision’s findings and illustrates the central role of TVs in consumers’ daily lives. The market researchers found out that TVs are the second most important item in German living rooms: 88 per cent of respondents said that they must have a TV in their living room. They have exactly the same status as paintings in the living room and only sofas are more popular than TVs and paintings. Philips TVs have a long heritage in outstanding design. “Design is an important element in our TV range,” explained Rod White. The Philips DesignLine and the recently launched Philips Elevation are spearheading the interiors focused trend in TV.” We recognized that there are many consumers who want to curate the best collection of objects in their living environment – the best chair, the best lamp, the best sofa, the best table for their space- and that is why we created the Philips DesignLine, which moves away from traditional TV design.” The Philips DesignLine features a single square sheet of glass leaning against a wall – without a visible frame, without a neck, without a stand. The sheet of glass with a gradient black to transparent print completely hides the screen in off-mode and integrates the set beautifully into modern interiors. When switched on, the large glass front gives the screen a magical floating effect while still maintaining the onepiece design concept. For the Philips Elevation, the TP Vision designers took another path to create the floating effect. “We didn’t want to simply make an ultra-slim LED- TV,” explained Rod White. “We wanted to create a TV that wows people through a combination of authentic materials, slim design and our unique Ambilight feature.” Philips Elevation features foursided Ambilight. 94 LEDs, mounted at the centre of Elevation’s rear, change their colours according to the content displayed on the TV’s screen creating a large halo of light around the set. The transparent stand and the specially designed wall mount optimise the sensation of a floating TV. “Ambilight expands the TV experience on Philips TVs, but also offers consumers new opportunities to spice up their living rooms,” explained Mr White. Ambilight’s lounge mode, used when no-one is watching TV, bathes the living room in relaxing, coloured light without the need to install additional lamps or LED stripes. “With the integration of “Philips Hue”, we’ve taken the Ambilight light sensation from the wall behind the TV and expanded it into the whole living room. This makes the Philips TV experience more immersive than ever before,” Rod continued. The integration of Philips Hue into Ambilight lets the LED lamps installed in the room change their colours according to the displayed content on the Philips TV’s screen. An ‘Ambilight+hue’ app, for Android and iOS smart devices, allows the expanded Ambilight system to be set up easily. Step by step, TP Vision is expanding its range of Philips TVs featuring Ambilight. It spans the latest Philips 5000 TVs featuring 2-sided Ambilight, Elevation with 4-sided Ambilight and the newly introduced 9000 series UHD TVs to name just a few. “We, as TP Vision, continue to build on our long-standing Philips heritage by offering stunning, contemporary design while still providing great picture quality,” Mr White concluded. Hall 22 Stand 101 38

ADVERTORIAL LIVING ROOM LIFESTYLE [ SMART TV & UHD TV ] © TP Vision “We believe that our newly announced cloud based services will stimulate Smart TV usage even further.” 4-sided Ambilight on Philips Elevation gives the sensation of a floating TV. The integration of Philips Hue expands the Ambilight experience into the whole living room. Philips Cloud TV Philips Smart TV Embraces the Cloud TP Vision anticipates a further increase in Smart TV services usage. Cloud services will play an important role in the future development of Smart TV. We asked Scott Housley, Global Head of Product, Strategy, Marketing & Design at TP Vision at TP Vision, about the latest developments in Smart TV how user demand for Smart TV services is evolving We’re seeing big interest in Smart TV. Month by month, visits to the Philips Smart TV platform increase by at least 10 per cent. The connection rate of Philips Smart TVs is also growing rapidly. In 2012, in countries as diverse as Sweden, Turkey, and the Netherlands - penetration has surpassed the 50% mark. This usage will increase further as more and more Smart TVs are sold: 80 per cent of our current 2013 Philips TV range ships with Smart TV enabled. We believe that our newly announced cloud based services will stimulate Smart TV usage even further and thus will continue to increase the relevance to consumers. What are the new cloud services? First of all, we are launching Cloud TV. This service adds hundreds of local, national, international and special interest channels. Secondly, Cloud Explorer on Philips Smart TVs allows users to easily access photos, videos, and music stored in the cloud. Last but not least, we started offering Cloud PVR in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It allows Smart TV users to record TV programmes to the cloud. We will expand Cloud PVR step by step to other countries. Many Smart TV owners are still using their TVs offline. How can you convince them to connect their TVs to the Internet? We need to continue to increase the relevance of Smart TV services and communicate what the benefits are. In addition we are continually improving the usability of Smart TV. We are convinced that by next year we will see the breakthrough of Smart TV and Cloud TV services into consumers’ lives. We also need support from dealers and retailers explaining to their customers the advantages of connecting their smart TV to the Internet and the added value of Smart TV services. Hall 22 Stand 101 © TP Vision IFA International • Friday 6 th September 2013 39

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