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Day 1 - IFA International

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LIVING ROOM LIFESTYLE STREAMING SOUND SYSTEMS PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT HEAR YOUR MOBILE MUSIC Thomson’s 131984 NFC music receiver allows smartphone and tablet users to listen to their music on the nearest hi-fi system. The receiver can be connected to the system using either an optical digital output or an analogue output, in order to wirelessly transfer the music via Bluetooth. » HALL 21.E / STAND 101 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS aptX NFC MOBILE The receiver supports aptX technology for top audio quality. NFC pairs the music receiver and smartphone phone in seconds. Brings audio mobility to hifi in the home. BEM WIRELESS SPEAKER WATCH HIP SPEAKER WATCH IS A WEARABLE EXTENSION OF YOUR SMARTPHONE Visitors to IFA are getting the first look at the Bem Wireless speaker watch, set to hit markets in December 2013. It connects to mobiles via Bluetooth, allowing users easily to pick up phone calls without having to dig around in bags or pockets. » HALL 13 / STAND 107 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS MOBILE MUSIC PRICE Wristband ensures hassle-free calls while-on-the-go. The device allows you to keep your favourite music strapped to your wrist. A RRP of around €52 represents an affordable upgrade in the wireless lifestyle. JONGO MULTIROOM MUSIC SYSTEM Pure expands its Jongo multi-room music system with three additional wireless speakers and a new Pure Connect on-demand music streaming service. The new family of speakers benefit from Pure’s audio, streaming and synchronisation technology, making Jongo one of the most advanced multiroom speaker systems available. » HALL 1.2 / STAND 120 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS CUSTOM STREAM PRE-TUNED Systems can be customised with any combination of Jongo. Pure Connect Violet on-demand music streaming service with offline listening. Two premium 5.25-inch full-range drivers tuned by Pure for phase control and depth. 52

LIVING ROOM LIFESTYLE [ WELLBEING ] Mobile Helps to Grow Health Market Medisana CEO, Ralf Lindner, weighs in on the positive future for the home healthcare market With 30 years of experience in the industry, Medisana develops, designs and manufactures home healthcare products, distributing them in over 35 countries worldwide. CEO Ralf Lindner managed several consumer product companies, building market leading brands such as Dirt Devil, before acquiring a majority stake in Medisana in 2004. Ralf Lindner Medisana CEO “We expect double-digit growth (…)” Hall 6.1 Stand 117 How is the home healthcare market developing? What growth rate do you expect in 2013? We expect double-digit growth for the home healthcare market in the coming years stimulated by demographic change, the introduction of mobile digital health products and services, and the transformation towards a connected and mobile world. What major product categories do you see emerging in home health care? The strong trend is towards a connected and mobile lifestyle, where I can easily monitor, record, review and exchange health-related information. Aside from connected sport activity tracking devices and other fitness related products, we also see sleep monitoring and wearable technology as emerging product categories. What products are you featuring at your stand at IFA? Medisana is showing new products across all categories especially mobile and connected health, health monitoring, therapy at home, wellness and massage, and personal care and beauty. A highlight will be the MIO Alpha, the world’s first continuous heart rate monitor watch without a chest strap or finger touch sensors. Are there new retail and distribution channels emerging in this category? What type of retail partners do you find are most successful in selling home healthcare? All of our retailers with dedicated product assortments displaying competence in home health care sell successfully. The new mobile health products open new channels like mobile phone retailers, resellers and telecom shops. IFA International • Friday 6 th September 2013 53

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