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Day 1 - IFA International

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LIVING ROOM LIFESTYLE WELLBEING PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT HOMEDICS SHIATSU NECK MASSAGER UNIQUE SELLING POINTS FOR DEEP RELAXATION OF Compact and easy NECK, UPPER BACK AND to handle, making the device suitable SHOULDER MUSCLES for use at home or The HoMedics NMS-250-EU is in the office. a massage device especially designed for the upper back, featuring a flexible construction designed to fit many shapes and sizes. The ergonomic form is designed to ease most muscle pain and stress symptoms, while the neck massager - which employs shiatsu massage techniques via soothing heat function - gently kneads the neck and relaxes tired muscles. » HALL 3.1 / STAND 105 DESIGN COMFORT EASE OF USE A soothing heat function offers additional relaxation of the muscles. Two loops enable the user easily to bring the cushion into the perfect massage position. BONECO HUMIDIFIER AIR WASHER W490 Boneco promises to ‘get the healthy air of the Swiss mountains into your home’ with the dual-function device. Humidifying air prevents skin dehydration, while removing dust, pollen and bacteria, has clear health benefits, especially for allergy sufferers. Ideal for the living room or bedroom » HALL 8.1 / STAND 102 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS TECHNOLOGY EFFICIENCY DESIGN Integrated hygrostat monitors and maintains optimum air climate. “Night mode” with its dimmer function means the appliance can work quietly in the background. Classic design with modernised touch panel. BEURER MC3800 SHIATSU MASSAGE CHAIR A specialist in health and wellbeing, Beurer is launching a number of new products at IFA, the biggest of which is this full-body massage chair, capable of Shiatsu, tapping, kneading and rolling massages at a range of intensities. » HALL 4.1 / STAND 205 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS TECHNOLOGY COMFORT EASE OF USE Automatic bodyscanning function. Individually selectable massage programmes – Relax, Refresh and Therapy. Wireless operated hand-switch. LEIFHEIT DESIGN AROMA DIFFUSER VENEZIA IFA 2013 sees the arrival of Leifheit’s new aroma diffuser, designed to improve the ambiance of a room with both gentle fragrance and colourful mood-lighting. » HALL 6.1 / STAND 105 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS TECHNOLOGY FUNCTION DESIGN Modern ultrasonic nebulisation technology distributes the fragrance molecules evenly. Colour-stop function allows each colour LED light to be individually selected. Elegant design in frosted white glass. 54

SPOTLIGHT ON KOREA Region Korea at IFA With around 50 exhibitors present at IFA 2013, Korea often differentiates itself through innovation and time to market. While LG and Samsung continue to grow as family names in the fields of consumer electronics and home appliances, forward thinking manufacturers such as Moneual Inc (Hall 8.1/203) – makers of highly innovative robotic products, or Hurom (Hall 8.1/111) – world class juice extraction company – are among those proving that the country has great strengths in other fields. South Korea’s market-based economy is largely based on industrial exports and as such differs totally from the economies of Japan and China, whose manufacturers primarily sell on a domestic level. For this reason, the Korean attitude towards export marketing has been developing very rapidly in the past decades (although currently China is making a big export push and Japanese companies are also seeking to grow exports). Korea, which ranks as the world’s 15th economy, is the world’s seventh biggest exporter. For an overview of Korea’s most interesting and innovative products of the moment, don’t hesitate to take a tour of Hall 26 and pay a visit to the Korea Electronics Association (C/900- 930). Innovation as a USP – see the latest at IFA 2013 KEY USPs AXIOM PRO DUST-FREE PC CASE Extends the lifespan of the PC Optimum air-flow maintains stable cooling efficiency The frontal dust-box is easily cleaned The S2innovation Company introduces the Axion Pro premium PC case with a new type of dust collector called the S-Filter. Usually a mesh type filter is used to block the dust flowing into the case, but these become clogged over time affecting the cooling efficiency, and eventually the overall stability of the PC is compromised. As the S-Filter collects the dust from the inflowing air, the air hole will always remain clear. » HALL 26.C / STAND 901X MAKING THE CASE FOR STYLE KDLAB’s araree range of mobile fashion accessories includes the Hybrid Wallet for the iPhone 5 and the Smart Wallet for the Galaxy 4. Also new from the Korean company is the Shutter Case for the iPhone 5 with in-built 18x zoom lens and the IT-BAG, a mobile carrying case with a strap, which can also hold business cards and features an extra pocket for a spare battery or other small object. KDLAB is also showcasing the AMY case for the iPhone 5 and Galaxy 4, and the Woody, a wooden smartphone case with a lattice design. KDLAB’s design philosophy is based on creating original and distinctive accessories for all generations that also ensure the safety and quality of delicate mobile devices. » HALL 26.C / STAND 901X KEY USPs Built-in 18x optical zoom lens Wooden textures available Mobile carrying case KEY USPs The standard X-vue K17 model offers FCWS, a function that warns the driver when a vehicle is too close to the vehicle in front. The same model employs LDWS, which makes a warning sound when a vehicle crosses into the left or right lane while on the road. This functions when travelling at 60kph or more. A black box records images from a frontmounted video camera to allow for detailed analysis of what caused an accident. GT'S ADVANCED DRIVING ASSISTANT SYSTEM Featuring a forward collision warning system (FCWS), a lane departure warning system (LDWS) and a drive recorder, GT's Advanced Driving Assistant System employs camera-based technology for the next generation of motor vehicle industry safety. GT's versatile software not only promises greater safety, but offers car manufacturers a way to deliver a greater point of difference. » HALL 26.C / STAND 918X IFA International • Friday 6 th September 2013 55

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