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Day 1 - IFA International

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News Evolution or

News Evolution or Revolution? IT and Telecommunications added to the mix Jens Heithecker IFA Director IFA Director Jens Heithecker travels the world to visit with exhibitors before each year’s show. So who is better placed to give us an overview of industry sentiment? We asked Mr Heithecker what the key trends are in terms of exhibitors this year. Dr Christian Göke and Ingrid Maaß INGRID MAAß APPOINTED AS NEW COO OF MESSE BERLIN Messe Berlin (organiser of IFA) has announced Ingrid Maaß as the new COO. She took up her post on 1 August. In December 2012 the Supervisory Board had already appointed Dr. Christian Göke to succeed the former CEO, Raimund Hosch, who retired at the end of June. Ingrid Maaß studied Business Management, and following posts held with KPMG Consulting GmbH, IKB Private Equity GmbH as well as IIC The Industrial Investment Council GmbH was a board member of CNC Communications & Network Consulting AG in Munich. Ingrid Maaß: “I look forward to the many different challenges and operational responsibilities that managing this leading international company for trade fairs and congresses will bring along. Together with Dr. Christian Göke I will continue to expand this venue for trade fairs and congresses in its role as one of the economic mainstays of the metropolitan region of Berlin/ Brandenburg.“ [ Interview by Richard Barnes ] We are seeing two major developments. One is that the manufacturers feel they have to be here at IFA, whatever is happening in the market, during the good times and the bad times. They have to present their innovations in order to drive the market. The IFA is the best place to do that. That’s the secret behind our growth year-by-year, never stopping. The second is that if you look at the structure of IFA this year, after integrating the home appliance industry seven years ago, now a new evolution is starting – that of the IT and telecommunications industries. These will be part of consumer electronics in the best way. In the past it was separated. The IT industry prioritised the B2B markets, but now they address B2B only after addressing the consumer markets. With keynotes by companies like Sprint and Ford, we are seeing a big change in the kinds of people coming here… It’s a big evolution. We have all major players – worldwide – from the “smart” industries in one location – in one hotspot. It’s the only show in the world that can deliver that. The traditional consumer electronics manufacturers, plus telecommunications, plus IT, plus start-ups are all here. And of course our new partnership with CTIA showcases this in another way – that we bring together not only geographic markets; we bring together two different sides of the industry. The connecting industry – the wireless industry from the American side – the CTIA has a global influence in standardisation in new technology for the wireless industry. We have the traditional markets with our retailer landscape that is assembled here every year. All the biggest players in the industry are here – from presidents and CEOs – the president of Dixons is here of course – all the main retailers from around the world are here with buyers, managers, category buyers. The presidents and CEOs on the manufacturing side are here as well to meet these important clients, and it thus becomes a global summit of the CE, IT, Telecommunications and Home Appliance industries focussing on consumer markets. The CEO of Vestel is delivering a keynote. Some people are maybe not aware how important the Turkish industry is to Europe in this way… It’s a bit of a surprise. Not for me! I visited Vestel and Beko several times and saw, over the years, how effective and powerful these companies are. Now as a second step, the Turkish companies are developing their own brands. Beko did this by taking over Grundig, and Vestel is going another way. Over the years, I learned that they are producing in OEM and ODM for most of the very famous brands in the world. This shows how innovative they are and their level of expertise in the market and in technologies – and I am very much looking forward to his keynote. IFA International • Friday 6 th September 2013 9

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