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Day 1 - IFA International

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NOMADIC lifestyle

NOMADIC lifestyle Smartphones Command 40% Growth Numerous factors drive significant market change The global smartphone market continues to witness significant growth, reaching almost 500 million units sold in 2011 and on track to grow more than 40% in 2012, says David Sidebottom, Senior Consultant, Digital Media, Futuresource Consulting. Many underlying factors have contributed to smartphone market growth, including the consumer’s desire to always be connected, the emergence of sub 0 devices combined with highend flagship devices, strong operator and manufacturer marketing campaigns and continuous improvement in the range and quality of content and apps. Personal penetration is expected to reach one in every two people in many developed markets, fuelled by the increasing importance of the device’s role in consumers’ everyday lives. Lower-priced devices, predominantly powered by Android operating systems, are driving growth in the youth segment and are crucial in the development of emerging markets, which should account for 20% of total smartphone sales in 2012. Futuresource forecasts for this year predict that over 65% of all smartphones sold in emerging markets will be new sales, with the remainder being replacement and upgrade. The total installed base of mobile handsets, which includes smartphones and standard feature handsets, grew to more than 1.5 billion units in 2011, with handsets expected to top 1.6 billion in 2012. Despite an overwhelming surge in smartphone sales and a gradual decline in uptake, standard feature “65% of all smartphones sold in emerging markets will be new sales” handsets still account for over 50% of all handsets. By 2016, these devices will account for over a third of the total handset market. The UK has established itself as the leading global market for smartphones in terms of penetration, with Futuresource forecasts indicating penetration of 70% in 2012. Heavy operator and retail promotions, a wide availability and range of devices, higher technology and gadget adoption have contributed heavily to this healthy market landscape. High uptake amongst the youth sector has also been important, with social networking seen as an important driver. In Germany, demand for lowend devices remains strong and SIM-only and SIMfree markets are growing in significance. Doubledigit smartphone growth is expected through to 2015, with penetration on track to exceed 50% in the latter half of 2012. Economic uncertainty and shifts to longer contract lengths are putting a barrier on sales across other markets in western Europe, particularly in Italy and Spain. Despite this, smartphone sales in Italy are expected to grow by over 30% in 2012, due the country’s strong mobile culture. Moving forwards, some manufacturers are ultilising quad core processors in devices to differentiate products. Others are developing the increasingly popular larger screen smartphones known as ‘phablets’ as the tablet market continues to grow. % Personal Penetration, 2011 @ 2012 Futuresource Consulting Ltd 80% 70% Smartphone Ownership: selected world markets 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% UK USA Denmark Western Europe South Korea France Spain Germany Japan Italy China India 20

Special Feature Hama Activity Pods – the Sporty Nomad’s View of the World Nowadays, even the smallest compact cameras have built-in video functions, but just as with larger models, recording with a handheld camera rarely turns out well. A small tripod is always helpful, but it’s a must-have if you want to film from a motorcycle, car or bicycle. With the Activity Pod line, Hama is introducing five new tripods to meet these requirements. The Activity Pod TB 6 and Activity Pod TF 14 are especially designed for attaching cameras to the pipes The new Blaupunkt radio range is intended to meet every budget and expectation, with a special emphasis on introductory models and midrange vehicles including standardised DIN connectors and face plates for the most common car models. The Melbourne 120, London 120 and Helsinki 220 BT, are designed for music files from mass storage devices and MP3 players, and feature an auxiliary input, a USB port, as well as an SD card reader on the Melbourne 120. They also support standard music playback formats such as and handlebars of mountain bikes or motorbikes, and are compatible with cameras with ¼-inch standard threads. They feature a corkcoated quick-release plate with a 4-point locking system so that you can quickly and easily remove your camera from the tripod when the ride is over. Both models allow the user to tilt and rotate the cameras, and the TF 14 tripod has a flexible swan neck for even more camera positioning options. » HALL 10.2 / STAND 101 London Calling The London 120 WMA or MP3. The Helsinki 220 BT also features Bluetooth and with an existing connection to a cell phone, smartphone or – on the Helsinki 220 and BT London 120 models – to an iPhone, enables hands-free operation via an internal microphone and the car speakers. Function keys are reduced to the absolute essentials and intuitively arranged, meaning that the driver's concentration is always on the road. » HALL 3.2 / STAND 114 A Touch Of Class The Bazoo brand’s USP is colourful designs and unusual decorative elements. The new Universal Sleeves are made from genuine suede, which results in soft cases that offer a special tactile experience. The emphasis is not solely on the design, but on the handling and safety of your mobile phone. Thanks to the EasyRelease feature with automatic retraction and holding magnets, the smartphone is easy to remove, but is safely held in the case, with the soft lining protecting against scratches. Bazoo sleeves The Activity Pod TB 6 are made by hand and the suede is tanned without toxic and chemical additives. The sleeves are available in seven fashionable colours including black, grey, violet, green, red, and orange. » HALL 3.2 / STAND 138 Bazoo’s suede sleeves POTTER NAVI Pioneer has developed a novel system for bikes, called ‘Potter Navi’. As it's name suggests, the device is designed to aid the cyclist in ‘pottering’ around. The device has a speed indicator and is able to tell you how many calories you are burning and your heart rate. It carries a broad range of PIO's and includes weather forecasts, news and sports updates, thanks to a communication module. » HALL 1.2 / STAND 144 Pioneer’s Potter PND IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012 21

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