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Day 1 - IFA International

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Special Feature Mobile

Special Feature Mobile Goes Back to Basics emporia telecom offers elegant, minimal and functional mobile devices for older users Having staked its reputation on intuitive, user-friendly, convenient and quality mobile phone designs, award-winning emporia telecom promises more back-to-basics mobile phone innovation, says CEO and owner Eveline Pupeter… This year we are not only introducing our latest easy-to-use mobile phone generation but also new services solutions from our emergency services partners, which – combined with our products – provide GPS-tracked rescue services and general support through dispatch centres. We are also proud to introduce our innovative web-based platform called emporia4care, our new user interface with easy-to-use functions and configuration options. emporia4care allows the user, family or a service provider to access the GPS localisation or maintain different emporia products by using remote servicing. Emporia4care helps seniors to stay connected with family and friends. How does it differ from competing products in the same category? In line with our commitment to ‘simplify your communication’, emporia product development places particular value on quality, user-friendliness, service and design. Therefore, every product offers outstanding user comfort and embodies the emporia policy of providing simple telephony for everyone without stigmatising the user. What are your key objectives at IFA? We are looking forward to interesting conversations with distribution partners as well as with our customers. IFA offers a broad variety of valuable and inspiring contacts on an international level. Above all, we enjoy the direct link to our customers to discuss new developments and current requests, gaining important feedback from our target group. » HALL 9 / STAND 309 “Every product offers outstanding user comfort and embodies the emporia policy of providing simple telephony” Odoyo Mixes i-form with i-function The arrival of tablet devices has not only revolutionised communications, but it has also created an entire ecosystem of support services and accessories. ODOYO’s Aircoat offers a stylish and functional iPad case One company that has made this area its own is ODOYO, which began life in 2003 as a manufacturer of MP3 devices before diversifying into Apple accessories. Nine years on, it is one of the market leaders in cases, skins, chargers and other accessories for the iconic US brand. Fast turnaround speed is one of ODOYO’s strengths. In terms of delivery, its designs can pass through the manufacturing process to point-of-sale within three months. Long Shen, ODOYO's Managing Director, said the company’s ability to bring product to market promptly is especially crucial for the Apple market, where product life cycles can be short. "We work hand in hand with our partners," Long Shen added. "And we collaborate in three key areas: speed of response, style, and research and resources." ODOYO is also committed to standout design. Its design teams in the US and Japan have been responsible for creating numerous stylish and functional product lines, such as the Aircoat iPad case. But design is also about functionality. “People want protection for their devices and they also want convenience and cutting-edge design,” Long Shen said. "We combine functionality with lifestyle." Since the launch of the iPad two year’s ago, ODOYO has established itself as an Apple-affiliated brand, with a strong retail presence at the Apple Store, with Apple re-sellers and at other highstreet outlets in markets across the globe. » HALL 16 / STAND 204 EASY LISTENING WITH APPRADIO Pioneer Europe has unveiled the 2012 AppRadio, its newest smartphone-powered in-vehicle audio system. Pioneer’s SPH-DA100 contains all the features of the original AppRadio, but is compatible with Android smartphones equipped with either the Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) or a micro HDMI connection. This expansion means the SPH-DA100 supports both of the most popular smartphone platforms and provides a solution for integrating these devices safely and easily into vehicles. » HALL 1.2 / STAND 144 Pioneer’s new SPH-DA100 AppRadio IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012 27

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