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Day 1 - IFA International

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ADVERTORIAL Top brand manufacturers trust in BRITA Water Technology BRITA filtered drinking water has a lot of advantages: freshly filtered and cooled it is the perfect thirstquencher. The natural and intense aroma also refines the taste of coffee and tea. Additionally, BRITA water filter cartridges stand for optimum machine protection in terms of reducing calcified deposits, resulting in a longer machine service life as well as lower energy consumption. Top brand manufacturers of various small and major domestic appliances offer the advantages of BRITA filtered water by integrating the water filtration system in products such as coffee machines, espresso Our partners at IFA machines, electric water kettles, fridge freezers with integrated water filtration and water dispensers. BRITA’s partners include premium brands like Bosch, Cloer, Morphy Richards, Philips Saeco, Philips Senseo, Russell Hobbs, Samsung, Siemens and W.I.K.. They all trust in the decades of experience that BRITA has. As the inventor and worldwide expert of water filters, BRITA offers a high-end product, as well as extensive expertise in integrating water filtration systems in electrical household appliances. Manufacturers can also profit from BRITA’s global distribution network and joint marketing campaigns. Furthermore, partner companies benefit from BRITA’s international brand recognition. For more information see: Hall 3.1 / Booth 101 Hall 1.1/ Booth 206 Hall 6.1 / Booth 106 Hall 22 Hall 3.1 / Booth 104 Hall 5.1 Hall 1.1 / Booth 101 Hall 1.1 / Booth 205 36

Green Page THE RECOMMENDED BY UTOPIA LOGO Together with Öko- Institut, Utopia and Saturn are labeling highly recommended products in, initially, four categories as Recommended by Utopia on The EcoTopTen product lists - upon which the recommendations are based - regularly identify best-priced, high-quality products that deliver a good environmental performance. The selection of products - which is made up of the most highly recommended appliances from the washing and dishwashing machines, refrigerator/freezers and coffee machine categories, will soon be expanded to include products from other categories. In addition, Saturn will be expanding this campaign to include the 147 bricks-and-mortar Saturn stores in Germany, where the corresponding products in the stores will also be identified by the Recommended by Utopia logo. Recommended products that have made it onto the EcoTopTen product lists can be easily identifi ed on Shopping with an Easy Conscience Saturn adopts “EcoTopTen” concept from Utopia and Öko-Institut The consumer electronics chain Saturn and Utopia, Germany’s leading Internet platform for sustainable consumption, have created an initiative for recommending particularly energy-efficient electrical and electronic products. The aim of the Saturn and Utopia initiative is to increase the proportion of environmentally friendly appliances and devices in households by providing customers with appropriate information. Since its launch in June, the most highly recommended washing machines, refrigerator/ freezers, dishwashers and coffee machines in Saturn’s online shop, that are also listed on the current EcoTopTen product lists issued by Öko-Institut, feature a specially designed 'Recommended by Utopia' logo. Saturn plans to add recommendations for other product categories and also use the logo at its brickand-mortar stores. Saturn’s concept is to offer its customers a wide range of appliances and devices in every product category. Depending on individual preferences, customers will find both entry-level models and high-end products at discounted prices. Customers who are particular about selecting energy-efficient products when shopping will now have an easier time finding the appropriate device. Recommended products that have made it onto the EcoTopTen product lists can be identified on www. at a glance. The aim is to make it as easy as possible for customers to make a decision in favour of an energy-saving device, and to persuade other customers that energyefficient products offer significant savings potential over the medium term. “We recognise that as retailers of electrical appliances and electronic devices, we can make a significant contribution towards helping energysaving devices become the norm in German households,” says Klaus- Guido Jungwirth, Managing Director of Saturn Management. “We have significantly increased the number of energy-efficient products in our stores over the past few years and carried out a wide variety of campaigns focusing on energy efficiency. We also place great value on the customer-friendly display of these products and competent advice. Our collaboration with Utopia and Öko-Institut provides customers with the assurance that they are being given a recommendation from an independent body. We see that as a great advantage and something that provides our customers with a very good decisionmaking aid. We are sure that this will enable us to persuade an even greater number of customers of the value of these energysaving products. We also hope that this collaboration with Utopia will allow us to get to know better and understand the needs and desires of our customers, for whom sustainability is especially important.” Dr. Meike Gebhard, CEO of Utopia AG, also sees this campaign as an opportunity to encourage buying decisions in favour of resource-conserving products by networking with the retail sector. “We Klaus-Guido Jungwirth Managing Director of Saturn Management Dr. Meike Gebhard CEO, Utopia AG are very pleased that, with Saturn, we were able to gain a major retailing partner who is incorporating the EcoTopTen in all its communications with customers. Developing, manufacturing and buying energy-efficient appliances and devices must be worthwhile for all those involved. Although the number of energy-efficient products has increased significantly, these appliances and devices must now find their way into every household.” IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012 37

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