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Day 1 - IFA International

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Trade News Focus on The Future Local growth and global expansion are key to Euronics’ strategy Euronics International is Europe’s largest electrical buying group and its second-largest consumer electronics retailer. Group President Hans Carpels is therefore in an excellent position to provide an overview of the European market... [ Interview by Gary Smith ] We felt the impact of economic downturn in several countries including Spain, Portugal, Greece and to a lesser extent Italy. It was clear that the CE market was affected in several countries. But this was also due to a drastic expansion of the market in 2010 in the leadup to the analogue switchoff. Thanks to Central Eastern Europe and Eastern Europe performing better, we were able to compensate to some extent. Which regions continue to be strong and why do you think this is so? We are seeing good results in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine and Russia. Germany is also doing quite well, likewise Belgium. The reason why the Eastern countries are doing well is clear: they were hit enormously in the 2008-2010 period and recovered in 2011. We hope that the same will happen in the Western countries soon, but the predictions are not great. Consumer confidence in Germany is, against all odds, rather positive and the performance of our DACHcountries is also benefitting from it. In terms of product categories, where are the ‘sweet spots’ for you, and what are the more difficult categories? A CE category that we very much believe in is Smart TV, and for sure tablets in IT, smartphones in telecomms, built-in in MDA. What is your strategy for development? We will focus on local growth and have therefore identified ten elements for encouraging it at our last meeting In London. It is more or less a guideline for our organisations locally in order to keep ahead of competition. Alongside that, Euronics International will also focus on international expansion. Is your distribution/ purchasing strategy changing in any way? If so, how? Our distribution strategy is focused on added value sales and this will only be corroborated in the coming years, because we believe that Euronics retailers can make a difference for consumers. Each year, Euronics has a major presence at IFA. What value does this bring you? It offers major exposure to the consumers who identify Euronics with innovations and new technology. The booth is also the pivotal point for Euronics retailers during their visit to the fair. It’s where they exchange ideas with colleagues. The large attendance of Euronics retailers at the fair and on the booth is really a sign that the efforts of Euronics are valued and appreciated by our members. “Our distribution strategy is focused on added value sales” Hans Carpels Group President of Euronics NEWS EURONICS TOP EUROPEAN SELLER OF TECHNICAL CONSUMER GOODS IN 2012 With a consolidated turnover of €16.2bn in 2011 — a year-on-year increase of 7.1% — the white-goods and CE buying group has become the top seller in Europe. Amid falling prices and sales in Western Europe, Euronics has implemented a successful development strategy, which has made it the leader in terms of retail outlets (more than 11,000 stores) and dealerships (6,000). It has a widespread presence throughout the continent and, with its recent expansion into Poland, now operates in 31 countries, 25 of which are European Union members. Group President Hans Carpels has set the ambitious objective of raising turnover to €20bn by 2015, based on an in-depth knowledge of the market sector, and an efficient and well-coordinated management structure. As European consumers are increasingly polarised between the high- and low-end markets, Euronics has satisfied the increasing demand for entry-level products at competitive prices, as well as for expensive, high-tech items. As it has consolidated its dominant position in the market, Euronics has been able to establish privileged relationships with electronics and white-goods producers, which it has translated into international agreements, exclusive distribution deals, market segmentation programmes and innovative development projects. IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012 39

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