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Day 1 - IFA International

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THE DIARY OF MISS IFA The curtain rises on Europe’s Consumer Lifestyle event of the year ‘‘ A big Berlin hello to all the readers of IFA International. It’s great to be back at IFA — and extremely exciting to be surrounded by so many fantastic products, interesting people and amazing exhibition areas. Over the next six days, I’ll be covering a lot of kilometers, meeting hundreds of people and introducing countless events. When I have a free minute, I’ll also be writing my diary, so here we go with chapter ” one… This is the stage where the Messe Berlin’s top management gave their opening presentations in the run-up to the official opening of IFA 2012 It’s Tuesday lunchtime — and it’s the IFA opening press conference. Here I am with Jens Heithecker, IFA Director, Dr Rainer Hecker, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of gfu, Me, Dr Christian Göke, Chief Operating Officer of Messe Berlin, and Dr Reinhard Zinkann, Chairman of the Household Appliances Division, ZVEI Here I am watching Dr Göke give his opening presentation, sitting alongside several top IFA, gfu and ZVEI personalities At IFA-Afterhour with Dr. Klaus Mittelbach, CEO, ZVEI; Hans-Joachim Kamp, Vice President, ZVEI; Ingolf Jakobi, CEO, ZVEH; Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Thies, CEO, VDE|DKE (l.t.r.) I guess you knew this already but there’s no harm in spelling it out — the truth is that I love IFA! 42

HOSPITALITY / RESTAURANTS / BARS Where to goin berlin CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE Culturally diverse and outward-looking, it seems Berlin has it all. IFA International spoke to Klaus Wowereit, the Governing Mayor of Berlin, about his connection with the city, its changing perception in the public eye and its continuing attraction for cultural industries. Mayor Wowereit was comfortably re-elected last September for a new mandate. Many people equate him in this sense with the city. We asked him why he thinks this is so... The city and I are a good match. I think Berlin is a fascinating place, and it’s fun to govern this city. It’s open-minded, outward-looking and ready for change, always on the move. You are a great supporter of culture. What cultural highlights might visitors to IFA be able to take in while they are staying here? A number of really wonderful exhibitions are being shown in Berlin right now. For instance, I would recommend the 3D panorama of Pergamum at Museum Island, the Diane Arbus exhibition at the Martin-Gropius-Bau, the many events marking Berlin’s 775th birthday, or the Friederisiko exhibition in Potsdam in honour of the 300 th birthday of Frederick the Great. What would you describe as being the "face of Berlin"? How would you best describe the city today? Berlin is a wonderful place to live, one of the most creative and culturally vibrant places in Europe. It is a city with a human face, much appreciated for its outward-looking and liberal atmosphere. It is a city one can love, and love living in. How do you feel the public's perception of Berlin is changing with time? Even 20 years after the fall of the Wall and reunification, the city is not yet “finished”: construction cranes still dot the Berlin skyline. It seems that Berlin is changing much more than any other big city in Europe. The city is once again a happening place, drawing a host of international designers, writers, architects, musicians and visual artists, some just to visit, many to stay. Adjectives used usually include A Word from Berlin’s Mayor Berlin, a city of rapid creative and industrial expansion, is a good match for this year’s IFA Klaus Wowereit the Governing Mayor of Berlin “hip”, “sexy”, “cool”. These terms are hard to define, but a good description of an attitude towards life. IFA being the "tech show", how do you feel this event fits into Berlin, and how important is it for the city? Berlin’s appeal to creative minds is still strong. Many artists, fashion designers and filmmakers come to Berlin. Their influence has an impact on the city, moving it forward. Creative industries such as film and media, fashion, design and With its mix of forward-looking technologies and traditional sectors in the process of modernisation, Berlin’s industrial landscape offers ideal conditions for new or relocating companies. music have become crucial businesses for Berlin. Another reason why Berlin and IFA are such a good match is that Berlin is one of Germany’s leading industrial locations, especially in innovative sectors. More than 105,000 people are currently employed in manufacturing in Berlin. With its mix of forward-looking technologies and traditional sectors in the process of modernisation, Berlin’s industrial landscape offers ideal conditions for new or relocating companies and suppliers seeking contacts with sunrise industries. IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012 43

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