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Day 1 - IFA International

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News Beko Debuts Home

News Beko Debuts Home Appliances Leading Beko’s first ever collection of white goods at IFA are smart products with impressive energy efficiency statistics. Among the highlights is an oven with a TFT screen. Its USB interface permits users to add photos, and new recipes to the digital recipe book. Beko’s DPU 8390X dryer uses 60% less energy than the A-class standard, and the company is also showcasing refrigerators that are 15% more efficient than the A+++ rating demands. Hall 7.1A Stand 101 For The Perfect Cappuccino Sure the cappuccino at your favourite Italian café comes with a fluffy head of froth. But how do your customers get that same quality of froth for their latte macchiato or white coffee at home? Severin introduces its SM9684 milk frother. It automatically creates froth from as much as 500ml of milk. The special features added include non-stick coating, removable dishwater-proof pan, and built-in storage for accessories. A new kind of induction motor ensures low-noise and long life. Hall 4.1 Stand 201 by Max Leonard by Bob Snyder Form Meets Function In New Kenwood Juicer by Bob Snyder The citrus juicer JE 450 by Kenwood is built for limes, lemons, grapefruit and oranges. Thanks to a powerful 140W motor, the JE 450 is ideal for professional juice by Neil Crossley S a m s u n g E l e c t ro n i c s unveiled a raft of smart technology products at its Home Appliances press conference yesterday. The company also used the event to highlight its position as a European brand, with its Made In Europe product line conceived and produced in its various facilities around Europe. Its factory in Poznan, Poland, produced Samsung’s preparation at home. The stainless steel arm presses fruit halves down without endangering hands. A splash-guard, meanwhile, prevents spillage, even when handling the juiciest of citrus fruit. The dispenser tap with patented antidrip function means that a simple twist leaves the kitchen bench spotless, while keeping the inside of the machine intact. After removing the spout, it can be rinsed easily. In addition, the metal base and glass bowl make the JE 450 a stylish design object. Hall 6.1 Stand 101 Form meets function in the Kenwood’s JE 450 citrus juicer n e w s i g n a t u r e refrigerator, the G-Series, and this month will go into production on the company’s Ecobubble washing machines. At the press conference, Samsung’s European Product Manager, Hans El Daly, revealed that the inspiration behind the Ecobubble was the way in which the grandmother LG Just Got Smarter by Neil Crossley In a visually dramatic p r e s s c o n f e r e n c e on Wednesday, LG E l e c t r o n i c s ( L G ) launched its smarthome appliances in Europe. The Korean electronics giant outlined its intention to bring enhanced savings and convenience to its customers’ lives by launching a smart washing machine, a smart oven, a smart robotic vacuum cleaner and the world’s first smart ‘eco-door’ refrigerator. The refrigerator features a ‘smart manager’, which displays the location, expiry dates, quantity and Washing Like Grandmother Used To of one of the machine’s designers did her hand washing. Hall 5.1 Stand 101 Young-ha Lee President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Appliance Company nutritional information of the foods within it. The smart manager also enables users to check, via their smartphones, what is in their fridge while grocery shopping. Meanwhile, LG’s eco-door system provides access to sought-after items, helping to reduce electricity usage. “For LG, IFA 2011 is all about saving energy and offering greater convenience,” said Young-ha Lee, President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Appliance Company. “LG’s signature Core Technologies combine with LG’s appliances to provide outstanding results, greater convenience and energy efficiency.” Hall 1.1 Stand 103 IFA International • Friday 2 nd September 2011 11

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