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Day 1 - IFA International

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The Year of the Tablet A

The Year of the Tablet A Name Behind Mobile Success Yifang Digital Technology - where the know-how is in-house Kenny Hua Sales Director, Yifang Digital Technology By Gary Smith Shenzhen-based electronics manufacturer Yifang is, while little known by the general public, one of the world’s top producers of media tablets, and is behind the highly innovative digital pen that we saw at last year’s IFA. We asked Kenny Hua, Sales Director at Yifang Digital Technology, to explain the company’s development philosophy. Two years ago, we started making tablet PCs and they rapidly became our most popular product at IFA (eds: marketed under a number of well-known brand names). Our Android tablet is now starting to grow in popularity. The other product doing very well is our digital pens, which are selling around 300,000 units per month. Both products are our central focus at IFA. Our competitive advantage in the field of tablets comes from the fact that we were one of the first companies to do R&D in the field of Android devices. We have 250 engineers, 80 of whom work full-time on our tablet range, and we are cooperating with companies such as ZTE and Huawei in diverse domains. We hold over 50 patents in various technologies, which goes to show that engineering know-how and innovation are at the heart of our offering. Through our digital pen subsidiary Pegasus, we have developed a hand-writing capture technology which Tablets Are Working For Acer will mean that users can scan hand-written notes and sketches into their tablet. We consider ourselves to be a high-tech company, and we prefer to compete on innovative features rather than pricing. How are your own-branded tablets performing? Our product, the Nextbook, is doing very well in the US. We are working with some TV shopping partners, and we recently started working with Kmart. By the end of this year, we expect to be “Currently 80 of our 250 engineers work full-time on our tablet range (…)” in significantly more major retail chains. What is your main competitive advantage? It’s the fact that we have everything under one roof, from R&D to manufacturing, and the knowledge-base is in-house as well, rather than being brought in from outside. We can thus help our OEM clients create USPs that will give them real leverage points in this highly competitive market. Hall 17/126 Acer’s shows a diverse range of mobile products “We try to have the technology In effect, it’s a kind of ‘small cloud’. ready at the moment that it’s relevant to people” Alexandra Böckelmann Acer's communications manager T h i s y e a r i n B e r l i n Ta i w a n e s e manufacturer Acer is showcasing a wide range of products and technologies. Alexandra Böckelmann, C o m m u n i c a t i o n s Manager of Acer Computer Germany, runs through the company’s IFA line-up… We have high competence with mobile devices and By Gary Smith computing, and we are still number one in Germany for notebook PCs. But we are showcasing several other interesting products in Berlin, including a range of smartphones with large, medium and small screens. There are also netbooks, PCs and 3D displays on the stand. What are the dominant trends for Acer? The tablet PC is very strong at the moment. Acer is exhibiting several models, including the Iconia A100 and the Iconia A500, both of which use the Android OS. We also have the Iconia W series, which works on the Windows OS and includes a docking station and a keyboard. We are also showcasing several 3D products. We have also produced the system, which enables consumers to connect all their devices and share data between them. How do you see the PC and laptop market developing? We believe that people will continue to use laptops for content creation. For business users, ease of use, and the comfort of having a keyboard of a decent size, will remain important. For content consumption, as opposed to its creation, tablets, netbooks and smartphones are undoubtedly more popular. Does this mean that your offer in this area will continue to grow? Yes, because we see an evolution in the ways in which people use these products. We are confident that notebooks will co-exist happily with smaller mobile devices. Hall 12/101 IFA International • Friday 2 nd September 2011 27

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