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Day 1 - IFA International

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Refrigeration Technologies Counting The Pluses Liebherr builds market share on choice and A+++ operating quality Interview by Gary Smith Günther Sproll Marketing Director of Liebherr-Hausgeräte Attention to detail a n d r e l e n t l e s s quality control are the watchwords of German manufacturer Liebherr, which has seen significant growth in its overall business in recent years. Günther S p r o l l , M a r k e t i n g Director of Liebherr- Hausgeräte, tells IFA International how the home-appliance division is performing... During the financial year of 2010, economic conditions in the sectors in which the Liebherr Group is active developed positively. As a result, the group’s turnover rose by 9.0% to €7,587m. Turnover in the refrigerator and freezer sector also increased significantly. Overall, the householdappliances division recorded an increase of 8.5% to €819.8m. Business was particularly positive in the German, French, Russian and US markets. In 2010, Liebherr’s worldwide turnover in premium refrigerators and freezers rose by 5.7% to 2.1 million units. What is Liebherr’s USP in terms of refrigeration? T h e L i e b h e r r n a m e represents quality and innovation. For example, we are considered to be a forerunner with regards to environmentally friendly technologies in refrigeration and freezing, and we have offered an extensive range of energy-saving appliances for decades. At last year's IFA, we were the first manufacturer to present NoFrost upright freezers and chest freezers in the new A+++ energy-efficiency class and we are also presenting numerous models with improved energy efficiency at this year’s show. However, we do not only attach importance to lowenergy consumption in our models. We believe it is also important for the environment to use the highest quality materials. Product quality and long service life go together and have a significant impact on the eco-balance. What key innovations are you presenting at IFA 2011? We have been participating in a trial since May 2010, in which 250 households are equipped with Smart Grid-ready upright freezers capable of reducing electricity consumption in private households by between 5%-10%, according to some estimates. In Berlin, we are showcasing eight Smart Grid-ready NoFrost upright freezers, which can be integrated into the electricity grids of the future using a module that can be retrofitted. Also on show at IFA are our new, energy-saving winestorage cabinets, as well as our multi-temperature wine cabinets with increased bottle capacity. With these, the internal temperature can be set to between +5°C and +20°C. How does IFA influence your marketing plan? As to make the most of the opportunity to present our premium products to both the public and the press. We come to IFA with a representative selection of innovations from our product range, which we demonstrate to our guests in the public area, where Liebherr consultants are present and are available to answer any questions. Hall 2.1 Stand 201 “We specifically adjust our advertising promotions and innovation cycles to take account of IFA” Get Smart, Stay Cool By Richard Barnes The SmartCool fridges from Bosch constitute the company’s first series to include only appliances from energy efficiency classes A+++ and A++. All of the SmartCool range features intelligent electronic controls that play an important role in their low energy consumption. The refrigerators are sealed with high quality insulation, while inside the evaporator extracts heat from the air and provides a constant temperature, using less electricity. The condenser, responsible for transferring heat to the outside, has been optimized for the new series so that it also contributes to energy efficiency, and the evaporator in the freezer compartment features the new LowFrost technology from Bosch. A sheath around the condenser reduces frost formation considerably and guarantees a uniformly efficient climate which means less defrosting. All nine models promote the idea of storing food in order to retain its freshness and aroma for as long as possible. A cooling mechanism keeps temperatures in the ChillerBox about two degrees lower than in the rest of the interior for raw and cooked meat, fish and cold drinks. And the CrisperBox with its humidifier system is designed to keep fruit and vegetables crisp and fresh for longer. The CrisperBox is also mounted on rollers. Hall 3.1 Stand 101 IFA International • Friday 2 nd September 2011 35

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