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Day 1 - IFA International

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Spokesman for Electronic

Spokesman for Electronic Partner’s Managing Directors Haruyuki Director, Corporate Division For Promoting Energy Solution Business Panasonic Corporation Dr Rainer Chairman of the Supervisory Board, gfu Green Products @ IFA N°04 / September 2011 - March 2012 Sustainable Development Initiatives Destination 2018 Panasonic on the front line of the eco-revolution Interview by Richard Barnes By 2018 — Panasonic’s 100 th anniversary — the Japanese electronics giant intends to be the numberone ‘green innovation’ company in its field. Haruyuki Ishio, Director, Corporate Division for Promoting Energy Solution Business, talks about Panasonic’s greener, cleaner mindset... 2011 EISA Green Awards Winners Philips and Sony Ericsson are the EISA Green Award Winners for 2011-2012. Philips beat off the competition in the powerconsumption category with its LCD 46PFL6806 TV, judged by EISA to be “less of a burden on the environment than other TVs”. EISA deemed the Xperia Mini to be a “clear green winner” in the smartphone category, whether used as a mobile phone, music machine, mobile Internet device or even photo camera. The official award ceremony will take place at the Adlon Hotel in Berlin tomorrow. Read more on @ INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT SMART REPORT Dr Jörg Ehmer SuStainable Devel pment initiativeS The Professional Buyers’ Reference Ishio n speCial iFa 2011 Keeping Up With ConsUmers’ eCologiCal ConsCienCe Hecker n Our products are the main way in which we will achieve our ecological goals, but we are also drastically reducing the amount of CO 2 that we emit in the manufacturing process. Company divisions such as Panasonic Electric Works are also part of our longterm energy-efficiency plans, because it produces wiring and lighting products for housing. Then there is Sanyo Electric, now also part of Panasonic, which is very strong in solar cells and rechargeable cells. Through these companies working as one unit, we can pursue the best possible solutions across energy creation, energy storage, energy saving, energy distribution / wiring and energy management systems. On May 26, Panasonic announced the development of a 1,000-home eco-city in Fujisawa. But what efforts are being made in Europe and the US? In Europe, as there are very sophisticated smart grids already in place, we are focusing on providing end-user devices such as solar cells. However, in the US, the smart-grid system is not stable enough and they have problems with power shortages, so we will be marketing our energy storage system, which controls fluctuations in power and voltage. Our aim is to create the ideal house, with close to zero emissions, featuring e n e r g y s a v i n g h o m e appliances, a highly efficient waterheating system, a solar-powered generation system on the roof, LEDs for lighting and a power storage device. We hope we will be able to achieve close to zero consumption and zero emissions. H o w i s P a n a H o m e i n v o l v e d i n t h e s e projects? PanaHome, our eco-housing company, is currently field-testing a typical mediumsized house of about 120 square metres, in order to see just how much genuine quality of life can be maintained in a nearly zero consumption and emission environment. What energy-saving and –producing products will be exported to Europe next? We will be focusing in the first instance on highcapacity storage batteries, and eventually on highly efficient insulation materials. We want to expand all this side of our business across the global market. Germany is a potentially good market for us because the Germans are keen to build more efficient houses out of non-traditional materials. Hall 5.2 Stand 101 “We hope (...) to achieve close to zero consumption and zero emissions.” Haruyuki Ishio Director, Corporate Division For Promoting Energy Solution Business Panasonic Corporation Director, Corporate Division For Promoting Energy Solution Business Panasonic Corporation Haruyuki Ishio has been acting as Director of Energy Solution Business Promotion Division of Panasonic since 2010. He started his career in Panasonic as an engineer of Fridge & Air Conditioner in 1975. He was appointed as Director of Refrigeration Research Laboratory in 2000 and as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Appliance Company of Panasonic in 2006. IFA International • Friday 2 nd September 2011 39

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