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Day 1 - IFA International

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News Tablets Mark Sony's

News Tablets Mark Sony's Comeback From ‘Summer Of Discontent’ "We've been flooded, flattened, hacked and singed," said Howard Stringer, Sony Chairman, P re s i d e n t a n d C E O introducing Wednesday’s Sony press conference. "But the summer of our discontent is behind us." At the Loewe press conference yesterday, CEO Oliver Seidl expressed his pride in the company’s history, which includes the production of the first-ever TV in 1931. “The spirit of innovation which created that first TV is still the driving force behind the company, and more than ever Loewe is a premium brand winning multiple awards from the industry and forging partnerships with chip and panel makers,” he said. “Moreover we are inspired by the fact that only one third of German households have an HD-TV set so there is still a huge market to be tapped into. And concerning Sports-minded Sharp has its eye on the goal this year. With worldwide sales of LCD TVs forecast to reach at least 200 million units, Sharp will leverage football to enter the fast-growing segments of mobile and large-format LCDs. Under the banner ‘Great Football on Big Screens’, Sharp is set to link itself to Europe’s favourite game. As EUROTOP sponsor for UEFA until the end of 2013, it is displaying the original European championship trophy on its IFA Stand. “Come take a look,” joked Paul Molyneux, COO and Deputy Group General Manager of Europe Group The unveiling of no less than 12 new products has put Sony firmly back on track. Kazuo Hirai's appointment as Executive Vice President of Sony Corporations new Consumer Products and Services Group, along with a unified team overseeing Sony Press Conference The Innovation Continues From The First Black And White To 3D TV sales, we will continue to cooperate closely with qualified dealers who fully understand our brand competence, and our aim of bringing in more young customers.” Manfred L Fitzgerald, who joined Loewe in February 2011, is responsible for marketing, sales, customer services and product design. “Loewe is a fascinating brand,” he said. “One that stands for pioneering spirit combined with innovation. We are often copied, but those copies never have the underlying quality and precision that typifies Loewe products, because our incredible competence can never be reproduced. And the entire product range, is a sign that Sony is looking to restore its reputation for style and innovation established with such landmark products as the Walkman and PlayStation. Sony's Tablet P, with its dual 5.5-inch screens, and the single-screen Tablet S mark the Japanese electronics giant’s hotly anticipated entry into the handhelddevice market. "But it's not who makes it first, but who makes it better," Stringer observed. on top of that, Loewe has an astonishing and rich product portfolio including models like the Loewe Connect and the new range of 3D TVs.” Sharp Uses Football To Kick Start Mobile And Large-Format LCD and VP of Sharp Electronics European Group at the pre- IFA press briefing. “For us English… that may be the closest we get.” The trophy Molyneaux really believes he can win is the one for the European champion of LCD sales. Sharp predicts that, this year, Europe will sell 3 million LCD TVs larger than 50 inches. Sharp wants to grow its market share significantly using football to highlight its large-format LCD TVs and displays offer. Along with Sharp’s new 60- and 70-inch AQUOS LCD TVs with second generation Quattron technology, IFA attention is also on the AQUOS Oliver Seidl, Loewe CEO Hall 6.2 Stand 201 Hall 11.1 Stand 14 Wireless Lifestyle, which turns television into true mobile using HDMI wireless and a carrying handle. Hall 18 Stand 102 Sharp demonstrates its innovative 8K4K Direct-view LCD Among the slew of new products is the HMZ-T1 personal 3D viewer with twin 720P OLED displays, creating a cinema screensize experience in a wraparound headset. In the mobile-phone sector, the Xperia Arc S has sleek curves and the ability to make 2D and 3D panoramic images. "Sony's diverse product range gives us the ability to provide cross-device connectivity with access to a total entertainment experience," Hirai said. Sony's Kazuo Hirai holding the Xperia Arc S mobile phone Hall 4.2 Stand 101 IFA International • Friday 2 nd September 2011 7

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