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Day 1 - IFA International

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Conference Preview

Conference Preview IFA International Keynotes 2010 What direction will technology take? What will future standards look like? How will these developments affect my present business model? You will find out all about these topics at the IFA International Keynotes - in exciting lectures from international top managers from the CE and Household Appliances industry. They will convey their insider knowledge to you regarding the latest product developments, industry trends and strategies. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to meet the industry stars and to get the latest industry news firsthand. 3D Content Double / Sports & Cinema 3rd SEPTEMBER Bryan Burns Vice President, Strategic Business Planning & Development - ESPN 3D Sports Turning The Corner from SD to HD to 3D ESPN was the first to announce in the United States an exclusive 3D network in January 2010 which was the culmination of more than three years of testing 3D television. ESPN was the leader in the movement from standard definition to high definition seven years ago and has taken a leadership position in the United States in the production of 3D domestic telecasts. ESPN has focused on cutting-edge technological developments for more than 30 years and 3D is the latest in a long line of industry advancements. This keynote will focus on the interplay between the various industries which have business interests in 3DTV, and what ESPN views as the “sports fan’s ecosystem” as consumers consider the possibility of upgrading their homes to 3DTV. This presentation will also consider the challenges and the alliances that need to be formed to further “turn the corner” and drive future consumer interest in 3DTV Bernhard Burgener CEO Constantin Medien AG 3D cinema King Content and his new princess – from movies through to sports. How new technologies are revolutionizing our media consumption. Excellent contents will continue to form the basis for increasing media consumption also in future. The exceedingly speedy development of technical possibilities we are seeing at present is creating totally new triggers tempting audiences to the cinema or ramping up the high-tech equipment at home. Digital cinema projection, 3D, HDTV or iPad are but a few. There are demand and opportunity for the consumer and the producers of contents alike. Just as "Princess Technology" grows up in the court of "King Content" so do the opportunities beckon for media companies. @ 15:00 - 16:00 / Hall 6.3 CALENDAR Date Invit Them Location 4 th September @ 9:45 > 10:30 4 th September @ 15:00 > 15:45 Michael Rhodin Senior Vice President, IBM Software Solutions Dr. Kurt-Ludwig Gutberlet Chairman of the Board of Management and CEO - BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH Smarter Products and Services: Transforming the Consumer Electronics Industry Bringing eco friendly appliances to the mass market! Hall 6.3 IFA International Keynote Area Hall 6.3 IFA International Keynote Area 7 th September @ 12:30 Dr. Eric Schmidt CEO Google Closing Keynote of the IFA 2010 International Keynote programme. Hall 6.3 IFA International Keynote Area 16

Visionary Interview Seamlessly connected to the future Samsung prepares for tomorrow’s smart-TV ecosystem One of the highlights of last year’s IFA was the keynote by BK Yoon, President of Samsung Visual Display Company, who used his own childhood to illustrate the connectedness of the modern world and the startling pace of technology. Here, he remembers the past, looks forward to the future — and muses on ‘the miracle of technology’. I was born and raised on Ulleung-do, a small island about three to four hours off the coast of mainland Korea. At the time, it was about as isolated as a place can be. Only one household possessed a telephone – luckily, it was mine. But as we all know, technology has not exactly progressed at a snail’s pace since then. Let me use my hometown as an example. Within a few hours of finishing last year’s IFA keynote, I received a phone call from a childhood friend who still lives on that island. He told me that he had just read an article online about my speech, after which he had watched it – in its entirety – on YouTube. For most of us, there is nothing particularly notable about such a chain of events. But when you consider that, in the not-too-distant past, this same person would have had to have made a four-hour boat ride just to call me, the scenario starts to seem nothing short of miraculous. Even now that connectivity itself is all but taken for granted, what remains exciting is the everexpanding vividness with which we can communicate with one another across geographical boundaries. Perhaps after this interview is published, I’ll hear from my old friend again – only this time, maybe it’ll be via a videophone. How is Samsung working towards this evolution? In the past, people simply watched and listened to their televisions, using them in a passive manner. But now, TV has evolved into a device that allows people to experience and enjoy multimedia and information in a truly interactive manner. As we head into the smart- TV era, the range of features and experiences a TV can offer is becoming limitless. Already, TVs can serve a variety of functions. Through today’s sets, consumers can enjoy a broad array of content, including internet applications, games and VOD. Samsung released InfoLink – the first internetbased RSS service – in 2008, and our TV Widget service, Internet@TV, in 2009. We became the world’s first company to commercialise applications for TV through Samsung Apps in 2010. We have also taken the lead in the evolution of TV into an interactive hub for the home. Breaking from the traditional TV industry model, Samsung has signed partnerships with global broadcasting companies, film studios, internet companies and entertainment companies to create a new smart-TV ecosystem. W h a t i s S a m s u n g prioritising at IFA 2010? This year, Samsung has introduced a broad portfolio “Ultimately, our customers will be able to explore, discover and engage with the content they want, whenever they wish to do so” Samsung’s BK Yoon: “a new era in in-home viewing” of 3D TVs to the market, ushering in a new era in inhome viewing. Building on the momentum and buzz established around 3D TV, we continue to put forward new solutions and start new market trends. First of all, we have strengthened our leadership in the 3D TV market by further enhancing our picture quality. Samsung has brought to market a diverse range of 3D TVs, including LED, LCD and PDP models, Blu-ray players, Home Theater systems, 3D glasses and 3D content. In Berlin, we are adding the C8000 65-inch LED TV and the C9950W Premium 3D Home Theater System to our 3D total solution, reinforcing the message that Samsung offers the best 3D TV line-up in the industry. In this way, we continue to deliver groundbreaking picture and sound quality, enabling consumers to enjoy lifelike, vivid 3D experiences through their televisions. Just as we launched the world’s first Full-HD 3D LED TV, we will also expand our leadership to the smart- TV market by offering TVapplication services with content tailored to local markets. Since the January 2010 announcement of Samsung Apps, we have collaborated with major local content-providers and now bring consumers 120 content services across 107 countries, including the UK, German, France and the US. In Korea, Samsung held a successful apps contest, which generated a variety of family-oriented content – and a similar competition in the US began last month. As a part of our global TV-apps expansion strategy, we will also hold an EU contest this month in the UK, France and Germany. A t I FA , w e a re a l s o s h o w c a s i n g s e a m l e s s connectivity among all our IT and consumer-electronic devices, including Internet @ TV, which provides internet content such as VOD, SNS and games through Samsung Apps; AllShare, which connects devices and shares all kinds of media via the Home Network; and Media Play, which enables viewers to play files from USB drives connected to their TVs. This will ultimately allow our customers to explore, discover and engage with the content they want, whenever they wish to do so. How important is IFA as part of your overall marketing plan? IFA is the most important consumer-electronics show for the TV industry. It’s where we usually draw up our roadmap and strategic plan for the next year. IFA has its own European flavour. It offers a unique combination of emotion, p r a c t i c a l i t y a n d e c o - awareness – and that makes it a very meaningful event for the TV industry. IFA International • Friday, 3 rd September 2010 17

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