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Day 1 - IFA International

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ADVERTORIAL Dive into Berlin’s biggest 3D image Together with pavement artist Manfred Stader, Samsung has created a 3D illusion of a waterfall and cliffs. An optical illusion of a waterfall cascading down an apparent hole in the pavement has been placed immediately in front of the South entrance of the tradeshow. The work, which was created by Manfred Stader, is part of Samsung’s 3D campaign at this year’s IFA. Passers-by can rush into the flood, and in so doing, become part of a unique 3D showcase. Together with pavement artist Manfred Stader, Samsung has created Berlin’s biggest 3D image. Using only paint, Stader – recognized as a master pavement artist – has created a waterfall which appears to be stunningly real. The illusion was created in order to share the 3D experience – one of the main topics of IFA 2010 – in an artistic way. IFA visitors can balance precariously on the cliffs or rush down into the abyss of the illusion, the only essential thing is that it looks authentic, daring or funny. Samsung will be capturing each jump on film and then delegates can vote for the best picture until September 30th at There is the chance of winning “Around the World” flight tickets, a Samsung 3D LED TV 46C7700 and several Samsung NX10 cameras. A glamorous dream couple: Miss IFA and Samsung’s new Premium 3D TV C9090. The premium television combines a razor-thin silhouette made of brushfinished aluminum silver and the newest, innovative technology. Thanks to Samsung’s LED-Technology, pinsharp, unbelievably vivid images are generated from an unbelievable depth of just 7.98mm – and in 3D too. With all these striking qualities, the luxurious C9090 becomes the dazzling center of attention at the 50th IFA — and in any living room. Experience impressive images every day In Hall 20 Miss IFA discovers Samsung’s extensive range of 3D products. From the 3D LED, LCD and Plasma TVs to 3D Blu-ray Players and a 3D Blu-ray HD recorder, going on to 3D Blu-ray home cinemas – everybody will find something that fits! 22

Special Feature 3D TV - The Wow Factor IFA Takes on a new dimension Show marks the start of mass-market 3D There is no doubt that 3D is ‘the big thing’ this year. While the first 3D TVs were seen at IFA as far back as two years ago, today, virtually all manufacturers are making a big marketing push into the sector. Given the importance of the topic for the industry, our special feature in the following pages brings together a number of important facts about 3D, as well as comment from analysts including Paul Gray from DisplaySearch and Meko’s Bob Raikes, both authorities in the field. Many are wondering about broadcasting standards when it comes to 3D, so we have called upon the European Broadcast Union’s leading authority David Wood to clarify the situation for us. Futuresource recently compiled a very useful white paper on 3D, and we are happy to offer highlights. We also spotlight some of the new 3D product on show at IFA. © photo: Philips 3D: Evolution or Revolution? 3D was the big talking point of IFA 2009. However, IFA 2010 should see the development of 3D away from flagship products and closer to the mainstream. The vital task now is to build a 3D ecosystem – TVs and Blu-ray players certainly, but also services and material to watch from broadcasters and Pay-TV providers. DisplaySearch’s forecast for 3D TVs is based on discussions with set makers, panel makers and component suppliers. A critical part of the forecast is 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 2010 Europe 3D By Paul Gray, DisplaySearch Director of European TV Research TV street pricing with only a limited number of consumers prepared to pay a premium – the ‘Early Adopters’. As prices fall, more and more consumers will get drawn in and find 3D affordable. 2010 3D TV prices so far have been very high-end, and as a result few consumers have been willing to pay. However, at the same time, Europeans buy plenty of 100Hz and 200Hz sets, and these are readily convertible to 3D operation. Adding 3D to a 200Hz design is relatively straightforward, and we expect very soon that 200Hz will be the same as 3D. For 100Hz 3D it is not so clear, as many consumers may see unacceptable levels of flicker. For Plasma sets, the emissive and fast-acting nature of the technology appears to be well-suited to 3D operation, and we expect that a higher proportion of Plasma sets will be 3D-capable than LCD. In many respects though, the factors determining the long-term success of 3D 3D TV sales forecast for Europe, millions 2011 2012 2013 2014 have moved away from the consumer electronics industry, and now depend on the media industry. Consumers will need a healthy stream of things to watch. High Definition TV is a basic requirement before 3D, and HD has been slow to develop in Europe’s fragmented markets. Even now, there are fewer than 20 million HD households in Europe. The highest penetration is in the UK, but even there are still under 20% of households watching HD. While Europe is on the brink of an HD broadcast revolution, with ten countries launching terrestrial HD services this year, it is clear that so far HD has had limited appeal. It is a combination of national channels not being available in HD, reluctance by consumers to subscribe to Pay-TV and also simply a failure to market HDTV to consumers convincingly. Probably the most overlooked part of 3D so far is gaming. The industry has been relatively silent by comparison with Hollywood; however this does not mean inactivity. Sony launched their PS3 3D firmware upgrade earlier in the summer. Most game studios are working hard and fully understand the advantages and opportunity in 3D. Current games use artificial cues to give depth perception – an obvious example for football games is the dummy shadow projected directly under the ball. This shadow accurately locates the flying ball over the pitch which enhances game playability and makes control better. Such tricks are unnecessary or even misleading in 3D and so a game can require major rewrites to restructure the depth and distance cues. DisplaySearch believes that gaming’s importance is generally underestimated in 3D. IFA International • Friday, 3 rd September 2010 23

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