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Day 1 - IFA International

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Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc

Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc Player Panasonic brings Hollywood-like 3D films straight to you in your own home. The technologies explained here are packed inside the Panasonic 3D Blu-ray Disc Player to deliver brilliant images and amazing sound, completely immersing you in the spectacular 3D world. DMP-BDT300 Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc Player • 3D Movie Playback in Full HD Quality • DLNA and VIERA CAST Compatible with Wireless LAN • Best Blu-ray Disc and DVD Picture Quality • Enjoy Your Precious Memories in HD with SD Memory Card • 7.1ch Lossless Decode and Analogue Output • Low Power Consumption: 0.2W in Standby Mode World’s First AVCHD 3D Camcorder 2 Create your own 3D videos! Capture precious moments in mesmerising 3D – just as nature intended. HDC-SDT750 AVCHD 3D Camcorder • VW-CLT1 3D Conversion Lens • 3MOS Sensor & LEICA DICOMAR Lens (F1.5–2.8) 3 • 1080 Progressive Recording 3 • 35mm Wide-Angle Lens with 12x Optical Zoom 3 • HYBRID O.I.S. 3 • 14-Megapixel Still Pictures 3 • SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card Slot 2 As a consumer Camcorder with 3D conversion lens for the AVCHD standard (as of 1 July 2010). 3 Applies to 2D recording.

Blue elipse: pms# 292 Blue Sky type: cool gray 9M Best for Sports The picture of the golden goal, amazingly fast ace or front-runner is so stunningly smooth and sharp, it is almost like being at the match live and in person. Thanks to 600Hz Sub-field Drive with Intelligent Frame Creation Pro for new VIERA 3D Plasma TVs, you have truly never been closer to the game. Best for Movies Discover what it is like to be there when your favourite animated heroes embark on another journey to a strange new underground world. The THX ® Certified NeoPDP display reproduces images exactly as the movie’s maker intended. For a picture so natural, it will turn your living room into a 3D cinema. TM & © 2010 FOX Best for Gaming Stay ahead and do not miss a split second of the gaming action. An ultra-fast response time of only 0.001 milliseconds and the additional Game Mode ensure top performance with every game on a NeoPDP TV. Superclear pictures without annoying after-effects is a given – and a must to be able to truly enjoy 3D gaming. SKATEBOARDING © 2010 Ubisoft 3D Entertainment Smooth sports moments, fast gaming action and trueto-cinema movies – VIERA NeoPDP TVs give you the best of all this and more. They feature a unique combination of advanced components that have been specially designed to enhance the picture at every level. And now they have gone a step further: with the next generation of VT20 Series NeoPDP TVs, you will enjoy all the benefi ts of NeoPDP technology also when watching in 3D. Together with Panasonic 3D products, the VT20 Series allows consumers to enjoy mesmerising 3D images with every 3D broadcast, fi lm or game and become immersed in this new dimension.

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